Religion is Fake

Religion is not something I am interested in. I am not a religious person, and I hopefully will never be. Today, Religion has become something far from the definition of religion. Christianity has become so messed up that people are scared off by it. There are so many hypocrites who claim to be Christians and they are ruining the true meaning of being a Christian. I think that a Christian truly is a Christ follower. Many “Christians” of today do not follow Christ but follow what they believe is right and what is wrong. With so many people making up their own beliefs you have different opinions popping up all over the place. This leads to confusion amongst people who do not understand what being a Christian is about. Today, people will automatically label you if you wear a cross, or claim to be a Christian.

I talked to a lady a few weeks ago, on a Sunday, who asked me if I had been to church. I said yes and she began to tell me about how she had started to go to a church by her house but had been asked the week before why she only went on Sunday nights. When she told the lady she had to work, the lady responded by saying, “Well, Jesus likes to be praised in the morning and at night.” This had upset the lady I was talking to and she said she felt it was wrong to judge her like that. I felt so thankful to be able to talk to her because I invited her to my church where we do not believe in judging people. Many of the members of my church are addicts to some substance, abuse victims, divorced people; we even have a group of motorcyclists who are some of the nicest people there. It frustrates me that some people are so harsh to others that it makes them shun Christianity forever. If you think about it, it really is just sad. All the different denominations fight instead of coming together to share the love of Jesus. That’s the only true purpose of the church, but right now, I believe we aren’t doing all that could be, and should be done.

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