Religion: Is It Sending Us Further Forward or Further Back?

From records dating back to an estimated 40,000 years, religion has been the very foundation of all prehistoric to modern day life. From Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity to even Jediism (a religion based off of Star Wars and believe that “The Force” is actually real), religion has nonetheless brought communities and nations together. Although it may make us feel a part of a bigger and better picture, religion could possibly separate us further.

Religion plays a crucial role in the majority of people’s lives. For one, it spiritually and emotionally connects people together. Itmakes some feel like a blanket of warmth and love is surrounding and bundling them constantly through the blistering and cold times in life. Lastly, It helps get people through critical times and come out a wiser and stronger individual. In my family especially, religion has always been what they turn to in times of trouble and is their number one priority in their life. My parents always turn to God when guidance is needed, whether it be praying for the person going 20 miles under the speed limit to somehow disappear or for their own parents when they’re struggling financially and physically. Religion, for over 40,000 years, has not failed to lift people up or leave them feeling helpless and alone.

While religion has undeniable pros, it also has frightening cons. Such as the violence, discrimination and prejudice that leers close behind. All religions have extremists and those who take it to a dangerous and serious level. For example, the Thuggee Murders was an event taken place in the 1500’s through 1800’s where 2 million innocent citizens were strangled to death to please a goddess, Kali. Another is the infamous Witch Trials where hundreds were massacred due to the fear and hysteria the Puritans felt towards the unknown and unexplainable. While not every religion or religious people take it to the extreme, some do fall guilty to unfairly judging others whether they mean to or not.

For over 40,000, religion has brought friends to friends, communities to communities, and nations to nations. Or maybe, for 40,000 years, it’s torn us apart further and further with each passing day.

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