Religious Beliefs of Greeks and Early Jews

4 April 2015
A comparison of the ritual life of the ancient Greeks and early Hebrews.

This paper analyzes the differences and similarities between the ways in which Greek religion was tied to Greek political beliefs and practices and the ways in which Hebrew religious beliefs and practices were linked to social conventions and cultural values.
“”It can be seen that many of the basic forms of worship as well as the basic conception of piety and religious worth that are evidenced in both Judaism and Christianity are based on (or were at least influenced by) the religious beliefs and practices of the Hellenistic world, and so we should not be surprised to find similarities between the beliefs of the Greeks and the Hebrews. However, it is important to remind ourselves of the differences as well, some of which come about because while classical Greek religion is now preserved in time as an insect in amber, Judaism has changed to meet the demands and riches of life in the modern world (Smith, 1958, p. 243). “
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