Religious Prejudice Causes

Not to long ago was racial and religious prejudice an act of numerous amounts of people. Being in such a civilized and highly developed society now, you would think this problem has diminished. To solve the problem of racial prejudices, we must first understand what leads people to take part in this act of violence. In most cases, people practice what they hear and see; TV shows are a good example of this. Harmful media portrayal happens everyday on TV, influencing people to do things they usually wouldn’t do.

There are numerous comedians who do not think twice about making a racial comment. In a lot of cases, the joke being made is about their own ethnicity. When people see this, they believe it is okay to act in the same way. as this mentality spreads, it adds to the negative actions of people. People, either through actions or words, can display racial and prejudices. There are several experiences that relate to my life personally. In school, there is a large diversity in ethnicity.

People often share the same likes, and watch the same things; racist comedians are a highly watched. People bring the things that these comedians say and say it in school, which is not only bad for the learning environment, but also for other people’s minds. If they start hearing people saying racist comments, to fit in, they might start saying them as well. this process can go in circles for a long time, and start to effect a whole generation of kids in school.

Negative experiences can also play a role in the causes of racial prejudice. People tend to categorize the nationality of people into one. If someone encounters someone of a different religion and that have a bad experience, people will be likely to have a bad impression of all the people who share that religion. Past historical events play a key role in why many people are prejudice towards certain races and religions. National events like September 11th stay with people forever.

There is a hard image that all Muslims are terrorists, which certainly is not true. It is that some Muslims are terrorists, though. This is an example of how people take one group of wrong-doing people and place an image in their head. Ignorance is another cause of racial and religious prejudices. Ignorance is only natural. Human beings fear what they do not understand. The feeling of being dumb is one that not many people enjoy. Because they do not understand, it offends them and they let out their frustration through racial prejudice.

After a while people strictly believe that a certain person or group is below them. This is not an uncommon act for the average person. Everyone has a little belief that they are better than the person sitting next to them, it is just a matter of how much they believe it. Some people have very strong beliefs that lead to a strong limitation of what they do. The people who are able to overcome this belief directly practice the act of getting rid of religious prejudices. Ethnocentrism is a key role in the act in racial prejudices.

Ethnocentrism is the belief that your religion, due to your beliefs, traditions, and norms, is better than someone else’s. Ethnocentrism is practiced everyday all around the world. Ethnocentrism is and can be related to ignorance, but it is also a term by itself. It often leads us to make guesses about cultural differences. We are ethnocentric when we use our religious beliefs to make assumptions about other peoples religions. This is also directly a form of racial and religious prejudices.

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