Religious Thought in World Perspective: First Traditions

A discussion on the way in which primal religions began and their belief structures were formed.

The following paper discusses how primal religions are often misunderstood as history is often passed down orally due to no existence of written records. This paper examines how the written texts of the Bible, Torah, and Quran, over time, created a more literate society and helped to broaden the scope and area these religions now influence. The paper continues to discuss how religions today are followed, even into the Internet.
“When studying the Primal religions, it is imperative to remember that there was no written log of their beliefs. Their rights and rituals were passed down from generation to generation. Those selected within the population as the holy one; or mediator who could interact with the god or gods were the ones to pass down the oral traditions. As anyone today knows, if you’ve ever played the game ;telephone the message can be distorted as it is passed from person to person.

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The histories we have to read today are only the last version of the original story. Perhaps many were not corrupted and we are hearing the same that was told eons ago; but there is the possibility that what we are reading is far from the original.”

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