Remedial Classes

Yes, in this research, the researchers asked the highlights students who undergoes remedial classes about the effects of this remedial classes to their academics and the students’ answers is that there is an effect in their academics. The researchers know that Assumption Academy is one of the schools who really want to improve the academic performance of their students.

But the researchers also know that some of the students don’t like studying that much that is why they don’t pay attention to the studies and this causes the students’ grades to be low.The researchers want to know first the study bits of the students who undergo remedial classes because the study habits can also be one of the causes of the students’ failing grades that is why the students are required to take remedial classes. Also, the researchers want to know the students’ academic performance and know if attending remedial classes affects the academic performance. “Are they in favor of this kind of program? ” this is also one of the questions in the researchers’ minds that’s why the researchers are conducting this research. The researchers want to know what the opinions of the students in this program are.After this research, the researchers are expecting some changes in remedial classes like what the respondents suggested. The researchers are hoping that the school will improve this program so that the students could have a better understanding about the lesson where the students find difficulties.

The school should consider all the opinions and suggestions the students gave for the remedial classes. The school should provide the remedial students the knowledge they need so that they won’t be afraid to enter school thinking that they do not understand the lesson.The students, however, should operate and accept the changes the school will form for the remedial class because it is for the better. This research aims to let the students know the importance of studying hard, the researchers, by this research, wants to help the students to voice out opinions and suggestions about remedial classes. And also, by answering the questionnaire prepared by the researchers, the students may evaluate the study habits, academic performance, the treatment to the remedial classes, and the benefits the students could get by attending remedial classes.For the researchers, this research study is very important. This research could help the students to voice out their opinions about remedial classes and let the teachers know it.

This could help the teachers by knowing the students’ opinions and put it into action. The teachers would know the things that are on the minds of the students about the remedial program. This could help them improve the remedial program to help the students to understand better the lessons. And by improving the remedial program, many students would not be afraid to enter school because the remedial program has helped them to understand the lesson better.This, the researchers think, old help the school to encourage more students and enroll. The purpose of this research is to know if the remedial classes affects and help the students in terms of their academic performance. The researchers want to know if remedial classes are helpful for the students.

Does it help the students improve their studies? The researchers want to know the answer by the help of this research. Also, the researchers want to help the students in voicing out their opinions about the remedial program.The researchers want to know if the students are contented to the program as it is or they wanted to improve or change something. The researchers hope that after this research, the students may realize the importance of remedial classes. And also, one of the researchers’ purposes in conducting this research is to remind the students to strive harder so that the students will not be required to attend remedial classes again. Statement of the Problem The researchers’ general problem is “How do remedial classes affect the academic performance of the students at Assumption Academy school year 201 1-2012?The researchers wanted to know the effects of remedial classes to the academic performance of the highlights students. If remedial classes ally helps the students especially in their failing grades.

In connection with this, the researchers also stated the specific problems which are: (1 )What is the academic performance Of the highlights students without remedial classes? ; (2)What is the effect of remedial classes to the academic performance of the highlights students in terms of: (a)Study Habits? ; and (b)Attitude towards studying English, Mathematics and Science? (3)Is there a significant relationship between the remedial class and the academic performance of the students? The researchers want to have the prior knowledge about the reference and study habits of the highlights students before and after attending remedial classes. And these questions may help the researchers easily find the answers. If the researchers will find the answer to these questions, the researchers could further understand how remedial classes affect the students in academics. The researchers want to know the advantages of having this kind of program to the remedial students.And lastly, the researchers wanted to know if the students are in favor of this program. Significance of the Study This research is very simple but the researchers know that many will infinite from these. There are people who may gain or get something from the research.

This research could help them in some ways. The people that the researchers are talking about are the people who are connected to remedial classes and academics. And the researchers think that these people The students who undergo remedial classes. The students who undergo remedial classes are the main beneficiaries of this research.The students can give their opinions to the remedial classes. Also, through this research, the students could realize that students’ study habits are not enough for the students to get high grade. The researchers wanted the students to study harder so that the students would not be required to attend remedial classes next time.

Remedial teachers. In this research, the remedial teachers could know the opinions of the students about the remedial classes. The remedial teachers could also understand the students better.And the teachers could improve their way of teaching after they know the opinions of the students. Subject Area Coordinators. Like the remedial teachers, the subject area coordinators would also know the opinions and recommendations of the students about remedial classes. The subject area coordinators could improve the remedial classes by the opinions and recommendations Of the students.

The researchers know that the subject area coordinators are the ones who are planning the some things about remedial classes so that this research could help the subject area coordinators in this matter.Academic Coordinator. The academic coordinator could also know the opinions of the students about remedial classes and the academic coordinator could decide better for this remedial class. The academic coordinator could also help improve the remedial classes for the remedial students. Assumption Academy. This research could help the school by deciding if the remedial program would resume or not. By this research, the school would know if remedial classes really help the students in terms of academics.

Also, the school could benefit in this research by improving the kind of remedial classes the school has. Parents of Remedial Students. The parents of the students who undergo remedial classes could know the students study habits. This research could help the parents realize that the parents must help the students and guide the students in studying. The parents should encourage the students to study These people are who the researchers think that may benefit in these research. This research is for them and the researchers hope that these people could gain some information from this research.Scope and Limitation of the Study The researchers are focused on the effects of remedial classes to the school year 2011-2012.

The researchers want to know if this remedial program really helps the academic performance of the students or the program is just nothing and does not help the students in any ways. The researchers want to know if the students are in favor of this program or do the students have any suggestions for this program. The researchers’ respondents for the research are the students of Assumption Academy school year 2011-2012 who undergo remedial classes.The total number of students who undergo remedial classes is two hundred and six (206). The researchers computed the number of respondents by using the formula: N / 1+Nee and the researchers came up to 67. 32 or 67 respondents but the researchers decided to make it seventy two (72) – just incase some survey forms will be lost. The researchers will select the respondents by using the Stratified Random Sampling.

We Will group the names by year level and the researchers will get seventeen (17) from First Year, nineteen (19) from Second Year, and eighteen (18) from the Third and Fourth Years.The researchers will use the Questioning Method because the researchers want to have a survey kind of study and the researchers will do the Questionnaire Technique. The researchers will tally the data that will be gathered, get the frequency and get the percentage by using: Frequency / N x 100. Definition of Terms Remedial Classes – denoting or relating to special teaching, teaching methods, or material for students who do not understand the lessons. Academic Performance ? how well a student meets standards set out by the institution itself. Study Habits – approaches applied to learning. Age – the whole duration of a human being.

Sex – a range of characteristics used to distinguish between males and females. Year Level – the level within a program of study or the level of the course. English – the study of English Literature and English Language. Mathematics – is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. Science – is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. CHAPTER II THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK This is the part of the research where the readers could find some theory, iterative, and studies that can help to have the knowledge and further this research.These could give information and background about this research so that many could understand.

Relevant Theory According to Greg Fielded (2004), “Study habits help the student in critical reflection in skills out comes such as selecting, analyzing, critiquing, and synthesizing. ” In connection with this theory, it is stated that the good study habits will help the students in order for them to gain knowledge and understanding to be able for them to perform well in class and also for them to enhance their academic performances.Students failed and take remedial classes with some of their subjects because they do not know how to study. It is important for the students to have an overview of their lessons and also to know their skills and ability in some of their subjects. The study habits are learning tendencies that enable students to work private. Because every students has an ability to improve their academic skills in their own way of studying. And for the students to have a time for them to study their lessons and to improve their individual learning skills.

According to Miss Emily Perez (2011 “A good Education can give a better future I fail to proud you. Strive hard and be the best that you can be. The only luxury in this word that I can give you is Education so treasure it and don’t stop learning. Grab the opportunity to make yourself better person. ” In connection with this theory, the students must recognize their ability and skills in pursuing with their studies. Enhancing one’s ability in improving learning skill will gain a distinct knowledge that every individuals must have.Education will bring us opportunity to show what learning and understanding that the student gain in their study.

And one way of showing it is to enhance the academic performance of every student. Because for the students to be able to gain success, each and every one should strive hard. And according to Benedict Baling (201 1), “Success is dynamic and not constant. One should keep on improving oneself every step of the way. ” This means that anyone could be successful. One must always try his or her best in doing things. Like the students, the students should always strive hard to get high grades and do well in school.

The students who are undergoing remedial classes must take advantage because the students who undergo in remedial classes get the chance of listening again to the explanation of the cheers. The students must apply what they learn in attending regular classes. The students should participate in class actively or better if the students will change and improve their study habits and this may cause also the improvement Of the students’ grades. Related Literature “The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose. Life is a learning process and you have to try to learn what’s best for you. This is according to John McElroy (2007). This tells everyone that it is normal to lose sometimes but when someone loses, that person must strive harder.

That person must make losing an inspiration to do better. No one must lose hope. Like the students who undergo remedial classes, the students must not lose hope because everyone has a chance to get high grades so the students must always try their best, study hard and be able to be one of the students who excel in their studies. According to Martin Ford (1992) “If you know what you want to do and it poses a challenge, it’s more effective.But remember: ‘People must also believe that they have the capabilities and opportunities needed to achieve their goal The researchers think that some Of the students who undergo remedial lasses have now low trust to themselves in terms of studies. The quoted statement would like to remind the students and even other people that each and everyone have own capabilities. The students must always believe and trust themselves.

The students must be determined in pursuing goals and studying hard could help in reaching goals. Related Studies The study of Rockwell Angelina Rexes, et al (2010) states that “… Cause the word remedial really means that it is for the students whom would like to improve their skills and learning. ” The study just tells us the real meaning of remedial. Remedial classes are for those students who like to improve their studies and get higher grades.

And according to the study of Swamp Vaccinated (2004) “How habits are developed in us and how finally our whole personality is influenced by our habits and conclude that everything we are is a result of habit. ” This states that everything people do is affected by the habits.So the students who undergo remedial classes must change and improve the study habits to have a better result in their academics. Conceptual Framework The researchers’ independent variable is remedial classes, age, sex, and year level. And the dependent variable of the research are the Academic Performance and the students and the researchers think that the two are connected to each other because remedial classes and the other factors affects the academic performance and the study habits of the knowledge and for the students to be able to perform well in class.The researchers also think that the students who undergo remedial classes will improve their attitude towards their study habits. And also, it is in order for the students to gain more understanding about the students’ academic performance.

The researchers also think that the age, sex, and the dents’ year level may also be some of the factors why the students have poor academic performance. The students will also make some changes and improvements about their way of studying their lessons and enhance their academic performance.Conceptual Paradigm Figure 1 Independent Variable Hypothesis Formulation Null Hypothesis Dependent Variables The remedial classes have no significant effect to the academic performance of the highlights students at Assumption Academy school year 201 1-2012. Alternative Hypothesis There is a significant effect in the Academic performance of the highlights dents in taking remedial classes. Notes in Chapter II Baling, Benedict (201 1). Cross Roads. CNN-Asia Inc.

Rexes Crown Publication Inc. Philippines Perez, Emily N. (2011). Assumption’s Vision.Assumption Academy, Vulcan, Philippines Fielded, Greg (2004). MASCARA Chronicle. North Forth Myers, USA McElroy, John (2007).

English for a Better World. Rexes Printing Company. Philippines. Ford, Martin E. (1992). A review of Motivating Human. Sage Publishing.

Newbury Park, CA. Rexes, Rockwell Angelina, et al (2010). An Analysis in the Importance of Remedial classes to the Fourth year High School students at Assumption Academy School Year 2009-2010. Assumption Academy, Vulcan, Philippines Vaccinated, Swamp (2004). Study Habits of Secondary School Students. Discovery Publishing House.India.

CHAPTER Ill RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This part of the research deals with the methods and techniques that the researchers used in this research. Stating the methods and techniques used in this research will let the readers know how the researchers gathered and collected the data that the researchers need in this research. Methods and Techniques of the Study The researchers used the descriptive method to determine the effects of medial classes to the academic performance of the highlights students studying at Assumption Academy School Year 201 1-2012.The researchers used descriptive research to help an individual understand the relationship among the variables. The research study made use of tally, frequency counts, percentages, mean, and standard deviation to describe the treatment of the remedial students to their study habits, academic performance, and to the remedial class. As an output, the descriptive method was effective to the research. The researchers found it effective to the general and specific problems.

Population and Sample The respondents of the research were the highlights students who undergo remedial classes.

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