Remember the Titans

8 August 2016

‘I have never believed in comparisons, whether they are about different eras, players or coaches. ’-Sachin Tendulkar The comparison of Coach Boone and Coach Yoast is outlined in the movie, by the different roles and responsibilities each coach upholds, the qualities each possess’ and the different styles of coaching. With further research into the movie, it is evident through many aspects, the similarities and differences the two coaches share, all yet with the same outcome for their team…success. The first difference between the coaches is the roles each possess.

For instance, Coach Boone is the head coach, meaning he is in charge of the team and decides the coaching styles and techniques throughout. Whereas Coach Yoast was the assistant coach meaning that he was the reliability and support for team players that needed guidance and assisted Coach Boone. The personality traits in the two coaches as well as the the strategies of coping with players and coaching was distinctly diverse. Coach Boone had no troubles in coaching the two race team, whereas Yoast found that coaching a two race team was a weakness that he could not help but ignore.

Each coach was designated an area of responsibility to provide to the team. Coach Boone was assigned to train the offence team, with that Boone not only improved the teams defence skills but increased team spirit, and decreased inequality and discrimination against race. Whereas Coach Yoast was in charge of the defence team and was quite ignorant and unsupportive of Boone’s idea of bringing the two races together, he just wanted the players to play good game. There was a varying range of the amount of similarities and differences when analysing the skills and qualities each coach possessed.

The two coaches shared an equal amount of knowledge and skill in football, they were both fully equipped and experienced when analysing and playing football. Secondly, both coaches have a caring and nurturing nature toward the players. For instance, when Coach Boone asked Louie if he was attending college after school, Louie replied no, and in an unconfident tone proclaimed he wasn’t as knowledgeable as Rev. Coach Boone then told him in a supportive manner that he would tutor him at the end of the term to get him somewhere in life, showing his ability not only to coach, but to be a reliability in Louie’s life.

Lastly, the different styles and techniques of coaching in comparison to the two coaches. Coach Boone articulated a distinct difference in the way he coached, compared to Coach Yoast. Coach Boone used the method of ‘tough love’ on his players, he was disciplined and ultimate respect to him was required to be in the team, or there would be serious consequences. For instance when a player shouted during a training session ‘Coach we need water’, Coach Boone replied ‘A water break? Water is for cowards. Water makes you weak. Water is for washing blood off that uniform and you don’t get no blood on my uniform, boy you must be outside your mind.

We are going to do up-downs, until Blue is no longer tired, and thirsty. ’ Showing that he didn’t look twice on discipline in a military form. Another form of tough love was the structure of what Coach Boone defined as ‘training’. When he awoke all players at 3:00 in the morning, making them run 6 miles through a forest, stating ‘If you even think about stopping or walking, you may as well take the hike back home, because that’s not the way true footballers train! ’ Coach Yoast understood the players and felt quite sorry for them, he knew they disliked Coach Boone for his strict technique of coaching.

Coach Yoast was the type of person that liked to impress everyone and didn’t like to be disliked. He wanted to make everyone happy, so he took the coaching the easy way, and was not a disciplinary as Coach Boone was. It is evident throughout the movie, that there are distinct comparisons between Coach Boone and Coach Yoast, they both share similarities and differences in their area of work, roles and responsibilities, qualities and the different styles of coaching. Although the two are dedicated and caring coaches, that possess the qualities of a good coach.

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