Remembering The Dead Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The Sorrow of War is a fresh by North Vietnamese soldier Bao Ninh which narrates the Vietnamese side of the Vietnam War and eventually work stoppages an anti war note in the heads of the readers. This fresh voices the agonies of the Vietnamese side and portrays the dismaying conditions during the struggle. Bao Ninh brings out his ain war experiences through the chief character of the novel. Kein who was the lone subsister of 10 old ages of war.

Family life. proper entombment and regard for the dead and retrieving the dead are of import virtuousnesss in Vietnamese lives. The novel begins portraying Kien to be a member of a deliverance squad looking for people “Missing in Action” in the jungles. The fresh describes the inhuman treatments of war through 10 twelvemonth memories of Kien. The novel besides brings out the uncertainness in war and emphasizes on the loss of individuality and ego regard.

During the war the dead were non decently honored and the ceremonials were non performed. Those disregarded psyches seemed to stalk the “Jungle of Shouting Souls” . It would be appropriate to cite Ninh. “Still. it seemed the bare. warped. and lacerate psyches had continued to garner. breathing a malodor that penetrated the imagination” ( Ninh ) . A soldier named Quang was earnestly injured and committed a self-destruction utilizing a grenade. Nine old ages subsequently Kien’s MIA squad heard sounds Quang’s laughter. Kien learnt that the liquors of the wounded were ungratified and so he and his squad built an communion table to honour the dead. The writer through Kien besides remembers and awards another deceased soldier Tung. After the war he makes it a pattern to retrieve the dead and prays in secret before the communion table he and his squad had built.

The cardinal subject of “The Sorrow of War” . memory and honouring the dead besides portions its roots with the article “Forking Waies: How Shall we Mourn the Dead? ” by Thu Huong Nguyen-Vo. This article is centered on retrieving the forgotten. Here Nguyen-Vo declares mourning as a agency to allow the dead live in us and talk in us. She provides assorted agencies of mourning and retrieving the “once survived” . This recollection helps us to warrant our narratives about the dead and opens the door to our present and future.

The Sorrow of War is a powerful anti-war novel which brings about the way to self-fulfillment along with the truth that the psyche yearns for recognition and that war is nonmeaningful and its sorrow is borne by both the sides.


Bao Ninh “The Sorrow of War” Riverhead Books 1996.

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