Remembrance and Change

Remembrance and Change

Sweat rolls down my neck as I attempt to scrub the remains of the green sludge from the water trough. I feel a small tug on my dirt caked jeans and hear a whisper of a voice, β€œI have to go to the bathroom; it’s an emergency.” I set down my steel wool and take one-step forward into the awaiting day.

In 2007, I spent four weeks of my summer volunteering as a junior counselor at Camp Anokijig. Those four weeks were full of sweat, pain, and tears, but they were the best four weeks of my life.

As Megan and I trudge towards the bathrooms, her shell of security melts as she points to everything that moves along the way. She never ceases to be amazed over creatures as small at a chipmunk or as big as a horse. We stray from the beaten path exploring every corner of the forest, leaving no rock unturned. By the time we reach the bathrooms, Megan no longer has to go to the bathroom, but instead has a new burst of energy. Energy I remember having during my first camp experience.

Megan reminded me why I became a camp counselor that summer. It was not too long ago when I was in her shoes, amazed by the slightest things, new experiences and new people. We both attempted to make the most out of our camp experience, even if we needed a little help along the way from the counselors. I was able to inspire Megan to step out of her comfort zone and dive into the unknown by a small hike to the bathrooms on that first full day of camp. Watching Megan transform into a more daring adolescent made me realize something about myself: I enjoyed helping her accomplish this task. Seeing the look on her face from the new camp excitement brought forth a new personality characteristic for me: helping people.

That week I discovered I could make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small or big they are. Today, I keep this skill alive in the daily tasks of helping my friends with their chemistry homework or a fresh outlook on situations. It is also continued in my advance placement classes today by organizing study groups before a big test and lab groups to complete the incomprehensible lab calculations. I will take this through my college career. Whether it is joining the student government system to improve the quality of the university grounds or tutoring those in need, I will fulfill my drive to help people.

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