Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution

To some extent I would consider today’s day and age a period of renaissance, reformation, and scientific revolution. Each of these three topics can be compared in some way. However, they all also differ in some way. There are specific examples of each of these things during the renaissance period and today.

The word renaissance means rebirth. In the 1300s to the 1500s, the renaissance was known as a time of creativity and change in many areas. For example, involving things political, social, economical, and cultural. During this time, people changed the way they viewed the world and themselves. Many new ideas sparked in the renaissance period.

These ideas varied from people exploring the world, a golden age in art, playwrights, a printing revolution, and Italian renaissance writers. As an example of the golden age in art, many artists used new aspects of art such as perspective, realism, lighting and shadowing, symmetry, humanism, individualism and more.

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I would not necessarily say that today’s day and age is like this though. The renaissance period was a time of rebirth after the dark ages. However, we currently do not have something we needed to rebirth from. Still, there are constantly new ideas about many different topics from technology to home remedies. This happens without the need of a new age from a time that was dark and depressing.

The reformation during the renaissance was mainly about reforming from the Catholic Church. There were people who did not believe in the ideas of the church and decided to do something about it. For example, Martin Luther, who posted the 95 Theses on the door of Wittenberg’s All Saints Church.

People were ready for a change because the church was in corruption so they were selling indulgences, a lessening of time a soul would have to spend in purgatory, and practicing simony, the selling of church officials. There were also three popes in the church at one time so they people were confused about who was the right one. The people of the church also could not understand the Bible and when officials spoke to them because they used Latin, not vernacular, the everyday language of the ordinary people. Nowadays, people continue to turn on an institution or a practice. An example of this is when people go on strike. People do this to protest against something. This is similar to the people of the renaissance because some of them started to follow new reformers as opposed to the church.

The scientific revolution of the renaissance period changed the way people viewed the universe. It brought us many advances in science and math. We know have an astronomical telescope because of Galileo Galilei. Today, there are constantly people researching and coming up with new scientific ideas just like people in the renaissance period. However, today we are not having a scientific revolution in just one period of time, people are always creating new technology.

In some ways the renaissance period is similar to today. Yet, in other ways it is not, regarding the renaissance in general, the reformation, and the scientific revolution. Today, America is constantly advancing in new ideas, just like what was taking place during the renaissance period.

Part V: Extra Credit

The religion of my family is not in need for reformation, however, if someone told me that their religion was in need for a reformation, I would tell them what Martin Luther did during the renaissance period. Martin Luther created the 95 Theses, or 95 arguments about the church, against indulgences. Indulgences, back then, was the lessening of the time a soul had to spend in purgatory, a place where souls would wait for forgiveness of their sins before they could go into heaven. Luther argued that indulgences had no basis in the Bible, the pope had no authority to release souls from purgatory, and that Christians could be saved through faith alone. Luther was eventually summoned to the Diet of Worms and was excommunicated when he refused to recant, or give up, his opinions.

Even though Martin Luther was excommunicated, he still had many powerful supporters who provided shelter and food for him. If someone were to follow in the path of Luther, one would have to write up everything that is wrong with their religion. They could use this to know what they want the basis of their new religion to be. If someone were to do this, there would most likely be many people who would oppose it. Yet, there could be people who were thinking the same thing. However, I do not know if I would necessarily tell someone to use Martin Luther as an example because times were different than they are now. Nowadays there are a lot of different religions that anyone has the right to believe in. If someone from the modern day decided that they did not like their religion, all they would have to do is switch to another one or follow their own beliefs.

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