Report from Survey, Nike and Li Ning

9 September 2016

Nike and Li Ning (shoes) We Have done an survey and a questionnaire between Nike Shoes and Li Ning Shoes. We have chosen these two brands because they are big competitors in the Chinese market and also worldwide. Nike has been a strong manufacturer in the sport shoes market for a long time and Li Ning is very new in the Sport shoes market, still Li Ning has entered strongly in to the market with a high quality, high performance and a very competitive price. Our purpose with this survey was to see what students at Hangzhou Dianzi University thinks about the brands and what brand they prefer, and why they prefer the brand.

We have done the survey with a equality between the brands (Nike and Li Ning) so both brand can use the information from this survey. We went to a class where there were 40 students, we informed them about our survey and the purpose about this survey. Everyone did understand english perfectly and everyone had knowledge about both of the brands specially when it comes to shoes. We gave them a small questionnaire with enough data to get enough information for the purpose of this survey, and then also the student? could answer quick so we didn’t take to much time of their quality study time. The questionnaire have 10 question which start with if they have heard about Li Ning and Nike and if they are Male or Female. Then the next 6 question is about what they think about the quality, price and performance for the different brands. They could chose between 1-6, which 1 is the lowest and 6 is the highest. After that we asked what brand they prefer and why, there they could also chose between quality, price and performance.

Report from Survey, Nike and Li Ning Essay Example

We also know that its also important how the shoes look and the popularity about the brands, but we explained them if they could answer without thinking about the look and the popularity because it was what not the purpose with the survey. After we gather all the information we made a PPT with the survey and performance a presentation in front of class and showed them the successful data in diagrams of what we have collected. Please watch the PPT. Thank You. Best Ragards Knut Hauge and Tollef Vollan

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