Report on Feasibility Study to Start a Restaurant

4 April 2017

Hotel industry is one of the essential industries. This industry serves the different customer in different aspects like taste, preference, price, quality etc. In Chennai, many varieties and range of hotels are available. As Chennai is the manufacturing hub of India, different class of people make business meetings and dealings in different hotels which provides these facilities. Wide range of people travel to Chennai to earn their living and the thriving population has mostly increased in the past few years. Apart from hotels, restaurants are the highly targeted places in Chennai.

In this fast moving world, people do not have time to cook their own food and take it to their work place and even get ready with their breakfast. So, restaurants with different traditions of the south as well as north are started in and around Chennai. Considering this aspect, an idea to do research on the feasibility of starting a restaurant in Tambaram was taken up. Near Tambaram many manufacturing industries have rose up and the places in and around Tambaram have become residential areas but the number of restaurants is limited.

So there is a niche market to be captured by opening a restaurant in that area. Thus the aim of this study is to know the customer preferences about the varieties of food and other aspects which will bring up the restaurant as a successful one. Chapter – The focus group is a qualitative research method designed to ascertain the opinions, attitudes, and behavior of target audiences. Typically, 8-10 persons meet to discuss topics selected and presented by a moderator, who afterwards prepares an analysis.

For the feasibility study of starting a restaurant in Chennai, two focus group interviews were conducted with 10 participants who were native of Chennai and participants who were related to the hotel industry. In a controlled environment for duration of 90 minutes, the focus group interview was conducted in the presence of a moderator. Different ideas related to the customer involvement and expectations in the different food recipes and the external and internal environment of the hotel were discussed.

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