Republic Day

1 January 2017

For a long period our Motherland India was under the British Government. During this period India was governed by the law made by the British People. On the 15theAugust 1947 India got her independence. The free people of India wished to make their own Constitution. The Constituent Assembly of India took two years eleven months and eighteen days to make a Constitution for India. The consideration of the Draft Constitution took 114 days. The Constituent Assembly finished it on the 26th November 1949. This new Constitution of India came into force on the 26th January 1950.

According to it India became a Sovereign Democratic Republic. Since then the 26th January in every year is observed as our Republic day. Republic means a state having a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. People are the real function-head of all power. So, the Republic Da is so sacred for us. We should every year observe our Republic Day with all sincerity on the 26th January. Because this observance will remind us of our sacred duty to guard our Constitution.

Republic Day Essay Example

There is a saying. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” If we do not be vigilant of our Constitution we will lose our true freedom. The autocrats will eat into its Vitality. Hence, we should observe our Republic Da every year. The Republic Day is observed with much pomp and grandeur in India. It is quite fittingly observed in New Delhi and in the State capitals. On this day, we see the police parade and the march-past. People rally round the Indian National Flag. Flag-hoisting forms an important part of the ceremony. The National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana.. ” is sung everywhere.

This year, I observe the Republic Day with much emotion, along with my school mates. One day earlier, we decorated our school building, school gate and the school compound with coloured paper, green leaves, plantain trees, flowers and pictures. We hung the pictures of our fallen heroes at all places in the school. On the Republic day we had the morning procession through all parts of Bhubaneswar. We raised many patriotic slogans like “long live our Republic”. We sounded the drums and the trumpets. We returned to our school at 7-30 A. M. At 8 A. M. he National Flag was hoisted on the school ground.

The National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana… ” was sung. Our Headmaster delivered a short speech and unfurled the National Flag. Then sweets were distributed among the students. In the evening we held a meeting where we took a solemn pledge to guard our constitution. In this way, I observed the Republic Day this year. It is the sacred duty of every Indian young and old to observe the Republic day of India. It is the day on which we should sincerely promise to guard our Constitution which has made India the Sovereign Democratic Republic.

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