August 16, 2013 Ms. Cynthia Miasmal Assistant Vice President Contact Philippines Madam: Greetings of peace! May we request from your good office/department to allow our Fourth Year B. S. Psychology students, enrolled in Practicum I (Industrial Setting), to have their practicum in your company/institution. They are required to undergo 150 hours of training in the field of Psychology, the schedule of which will be arranged by our students and the management, effective as soon as possible.

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It is our hope that our students be given a chance to do the following tasks: * Testing/Assessment * Interviews * Seminars or symposia * Counseling * Group process * Organizational support * And/or other HER related activities (Recruitment and Staffing, Compensation and Benefits, Training, Employee Relations) Hereunder are the name’s of the student/s that will undergo practicum in your company: * Drayman, Ma. Lira O. * Lyrical, Ana Rose M.

With your assistance, Panamanian Eng Lungs Eng Mutational aspires to develop our students to become well – equipped in meeting the demands and challenges in their future career and be ready to contribute to our country development. The opportunity of having hands-on-training and exposure in your company will be greatly appreciated. We would also be grateful if you could provide them a Certificate of Completion at the end of the practicum. Respectfully yours, Proof. Rowel Jane A. Lopper Practicum Coordinator Noted by: Myra D. Landsman, MS Chairperson, Psychology Department Wendell Celeste – Sacramento, PhD Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

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