Reseach on Determinents of Junk Food Habbit of Youngsters

1 January 2017

We all the group members forward our acknowledgement to Dr. Bhavesh Vanparia (Professor-Tolani Institute of Management Studies) for imparting us the knowledge of research and how to make one. We are whole heartedly thankful to him to guide us throughout the research and make it a valuable document. PREFACE Now a day the importance of research has increased in the day to day changing scenarios and business environment. Businesses demand for management person who are able to manage and develop in such continues changing environment in successful way.

PGDM is such a course in which student’s gets practical exposure of such changing dynamics of business environment by doing various projects and such researches. We selected this particular research which expanded our boundaries of thinking about implication of the theoretical knowledge in the practical field. Abstract In this study we have found out the youngster’s preference towards fast food. We have conducted research on youngsters in between 15-24 years.

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Reseach on Determinents of Junk Food Habbit of Youngsters
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We have found that there is no significant difference between gender and their preference towards fast food eating.

And maximum of them agree that education on healthy/organic food should be given. Maximum of them also disagree that fast food is healthy food to eat. Maximum of youngsters eat fast food with their friends, (54 out of 91). And most of male and female prefer home made food. Introduction. We observe that day by day consumption of fast-food among youngster is increasing and thus health related issues. To analyze this and related factors and issues we conducted a research on youngsters and their fast food eating habit. Today we can also see that fast food services/stores are growing in huge numbers.

And maximum consumption of fast food is seen among teenagers or young people who for one and another reason frequently have fast food, it may be because of leisure, friends, living far from home, status, and many more. From the above mentioned determinants to find and brief out some important determinants we have conducted research and that too particularly of youngsters between 15-24 years. We defined youngsters as per the World Bank definition of youth that is the age in between 15-24 years. Fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly.

While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food, typically theterm refers to food sold in a restaurant or store with preheated or precooked ingredients, and served to the customer in a packaged form for take-out/take-away. (Wikipedia). Healthy food is defined by food which is beneficial to health and it also includes natural foods, organic foods, whole foods, and sometimes dietary supplements. (Wikipedia, Wikipedia). This study will be help to brief out some specific determinants regarding fast food eating habits of youngster and may be how to divert youngster’s preference to healthy dietary habits.

Research Question: * What are the determinants of youngster’s preference towards fast food eating? * What is the thinking of youth towards traditional food and fast food? * How many youngsters prefer vegetarian food? * Who prefer to have more fast food Male or Female? * What is the age from when youngsters eat fast food? Research Objective: * To know the determinants of youngster’s preference towards fast food eating. * To know the thinking of youth towards traditional food and fast food. * To classify the youth by food habit on the basis of Vegetarian and Non vegetarian. To know the frequency of eating fast food of male and female. * To find the age from when youngster’s start eating fast-food. Name of the Author(Year)| Title of The Paper. | Country| Sample Size| Analysis tools| Finding and Conclusion| Subhash Chandra Verma and Girja Shankar Yadav(2010)| Food habits among the educated youth of Tharu and Buksa tribes| India| 116| Descriptive Research Design. | Some youth are ignoring their own traditional food trends, but some youth are still respecting their culture and Traditional food trends.

Effects of other cultures and education were the main reasons of changing food habits. | Hyun-sun Seo, Soo-Kyung Lee,andSoyoung Nam(2011)| Factors influencing fast food consumption behaviors of middle-school students in Seoul: an application of theory of planned behaviors| Koria| 354| Regression Analysis| In relation to fast food use, “attitude” would be personal positive or negative feelings toward fast food use, while “subjective norm” would be how much a person desires to respect and follow the opinions of individuals who are important to him or her. Klazine van der Horst,AOenema, I Ferreira, W Wendel,KGiskes, F van Lenthe and J Brug (2006)| A systematic review of environmental correlates of obesity-related dietary behaviors in youth| Netherland| Focus Group(54)| Multivariate Analysis| The research of determinants of dietary intake in children and adolescents has predominantly focused on individual level determinants of these behaviors, such as attitudes, taste preferences, social influences and perceived behavioral control.

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