Research and Compare Higher Education Institutions

According to NEE, the faculty involvement in governance is essential in high education. Research support provided to the institution the give information to administration of methods in instruction and developing curriculum. Academic Educational leaders at any level academic leaders at any level are it a dean, department head, provost, vice president, or president should be leading by example, be generous with their time and know-how and be effective and supportive mentors.

They are expected to take an active interest in people, giving advice and support whenever required (Argosy 2012).Argosy (2012) identifies curriculum as the content and see nuance of knowledge or information imparted to learners during any stage of learning (Argosy 2012). Create a curriculum that is both sustainable and social / this in the broader sense means that the curriculum should be fashioned in a way that leaves enough scope for inquiry, dialogue, reflection, and action. The writer selected two institutions of higher education for an evaluation of the following: faculty governance, academic leadership, and curriculum design in each.

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The writer discussed the pros and cons of each and provides recommendations. Paso Hernandez Community College Curriculum Planning at EPOCH has very specific prerequisites, to meet the needs of the General Deed Requirement of 36 hours in addition to the 24 credit, hours required for completion of the AAA degree. Once students have completed the credits required for the AAA degree 60 credit hour, they qualify for graduation.

The College’s General Education curriculum makes sure that degree seeking students is exposed to diversity of disciplines.Students Entering are given a Placement Test or the Postsecondary Educational Readiness Test for advisement and placement of computation and communication courses (Paso Hernandez 2012). Programs are offered to sophomores and freshman who expect to transfer to Baccalaureate Degree program (credit courses). The State University System (US) programs have established common prerequisites for the State of Florida. EPOCH offers student credit repair curriculum for the academically challenged student, allowing more one on one time with the instructor and emphasizing on building stronger academic skills.Students will be more prepared for the college preparatory requirements prior to graduating. The college requires students take and pass the College Level Academic Skills (CLASS) exam.

Lake Sumter Community College Faculty Governance at Lake Sumter Community College, like 27 other community colleges in Florida, is governed by local and independent Board of Trustees. All policies must be in accordance with Florida Statutes and State Board of Education Rules, so that the mission of the College is executed. The President is responsible for implementing the policies through the College administration, faculty and staff (Lake Sumter 2012).Academic Leadership at ILLS includes the Board of Trustees. This group is composed of nine members appointed by the Governor: Which is presented with power as the roof, cannot take any official action by one single Board member unless the entire group gives consent. The Board manages meetings in agreement with Florist’s “Government in the Sunshine Law,” which specifies that all college business and all discussions of college business must be advertised and available to the public when conducted by more than two members (Lake Sumter 2012).Curriculum & Instruction at ILLS the purpose of this Committee is to review all proposals related to curriculum and instructional matters, including course and program additions, deletions, modifications and textbooks.

Recommendations will be made to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs for submission to the Presidents Cabinet and subsequent submission to the District Board of Trustees as appropriate (Lake Sumter 2012). | Faculty Governance I Academic Leadership I Curriculum Planning I Paso Hernandez Community College Cons managed by a board of trustees, which are appointed by the governor and confirmed by Florida Senate.Positively establish procedures for the operation of the college in accordance with Rules of the State Board of Education and Florida Statutes. I postoperatively and staff strive to provide all students with an optimistic and ratifying educational experience. Positive Well-credentialed faculty, strong support services, quality instruction, and opportunities to engage in social, intellectual and extracurricular activities are essential to student success. The faculty and staff strive to guide, teach, support, encourage, respect and motivate students.I positive(l College?s Education curriculum assures students to a diversity of disciplines.

(2). Students must take an entry level exam for placement. (3). Programs are offered for students transferring to Baccalaureate Degree program (credit coo rues)/Foreign Lang Requirement Credit Repair Lake Sumter Community College I Positivistic of the President is related to all area of the college, local and state agencies, partners and other educational institutions.Leaders must model the colleges Excellence Philosophy and Standards to warrant staff meet standard set for Service Excellence Positively is governed by an independent, locally autonomous Board of Trustees. Contest who govern never have enough time and money to solve all the college’s problems I Positives team is made up of several different faculty and administration to ) Dean, Career and Technical Programs(2). Director of Baccalaureate Programs(3).

Senior Manager Campus Student Services(4). Dean, General Education and Transfer Programs (5).Nine Faculty members Senior Support Staff level test CSCW adoption process includes steps for review and approval by Florida State Dept. Of Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Positives(l) Addition, deletion, and of courses and programs must be approved by FOOD(2) Student must take entry for placement Sonless purport to build prior knowledge for future managerial opportunities Recommendations: In spite of the writers past ambivalence, she would encourage student to consider the community college experience.Out of the two colleges researched, EPOCH appears to have more prominent leadership as this is extremely vital for the assurance and trust that the student will receive the education they want and deserve. Regardless of the cost, background or reputation of faculty both institutions are suitable for ambitious, motivated and career orientated students.

Both institutions have extensive curriculum planning available for upcoming students looking forward to trap answering their creed its to a Baccalaureate program.

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