Research Essay Health Care Reform

12 December 2016

Even though the overwhelming majority of Americans disagree in the propositions of the health care reform, a single payer system is needed for all of those who are uninsured and cannot afford to buy a private insurance (Mears). In order for private insurances to still be earning a profit and at the meantime providing insurance to those who were denied before, government has to spread the cost among all Americans by increasing tax percentage to taxpayers. Increasing tax percentage by at least two percent would allow everyone to have basic health coverage (Walker).

Those who want quality care and do not wish to participate may withdrawal at any time but must enter into contract with a private insurance. In the past decade, employees have seen their premiums nearly double (Cutler). As a consequence many Americans are uninsured and the American health care system is in need of a reform to help the millions of people who cannot afford to pay for a private insurance. As Cutler, a professor of economics at Harvard, said, “Without the health reform, more than 15 million of Americans may lose their coverage over the next decade and go without insurance”.

Premiums are just too high and some individuals are not earning enough money to be paying those high amounts in insurance. If those individuals do not have health insurance it is going to cost more to the taxpayers if they get into an accident and need to go to emergency rooms (Conan). On the other hand with higher tax percentages, that means individuals that earn more money are going to pay even more than what they would be paying for a private insurance. And the single tax payer system would be the worst option for the reform.

The single payer system would allow everyone to have basic medical care, yet people want to have good quality care but do not want to pay a higher price for insurance. According to writer Walker there are better alternatives for the reform. “One option is creating a default public health insurance for everyone and increase all the taxpayers’ percentage by at least two percent”. By increasing the tax percentage it would allow to pay for insurance for those individuals who cannot afford it themselves, those who are in extremely ill conditions and who have been denied by the private insurances. The rest of the people who do not have insurance are going to have the option to be in basic insurance plan but with a certain limit of coverage per year” which also applies to the individuals with pre-existing conditions. Once they have exceeded their limit amount they would have to pay it from their own pockets. A reform would not work unless everyone is part of the larger pool either by his or her own or by being part of the single tax payer system. Individuals would have the ability to opt out of the insurance plan, however they have to enter into contract with a private insurance” (Walker). The basic plan might not provide for all the coverage that the individual needs, so if they have the money to enter a contract with a private provider, or they find that they are going to be paying less by their own they can opt out any time. Either way people choose they have to buy health insurance. Certainly, no one would like to pay for other people to be healthy when they can be buying a commodity for themselves.

However, “If everyone cooperates for the wellbeing of the nation, it would help the nation to reduce the deficit if more emphasis is put on quality medical practices” (Cutler). Quality health care leads to fewer visits to the emergency rooms when someone gets sick and in the long run it can lower premiums by more than 12 percent (Mears). Unfortunately, people prefer to be having commodities rather than spending for the good of the economy. The government only wants to help millions of uninsured Americas who cannot afford for a private insurance.

Nevertheless, As Neal Conan from Talk of the Nation said “We all want affordable insurance, but what is affordable for one person is another persons’ out of reach”. The Health care reform might not be the best option for everyone since it requires for everyone to enter into a private contract with an insurance provider, which is unconstitutional. Either way they do it someone is going to be benefited while the other one is harmed but something must be done to help all those individuals who are in need of a reform.

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