Research Methods Ch1 Test

8 August 2016

Which of the following examples illustrates research the way it is defined in your textbook? a. Sally is writing a paper about the effects of the Harry Potter books on the reading habits of fourth graders in the United States and United Kingdom. She goes to a research library to find information to include in her paper. b.Ian wants to know why the population of songbirds has declined in recent years in the Sutton Wilderness Area.

He carefully collects soil and water samples, systematically surveys the entire area for predators, and then sits down to make sense of his findings. c.Leonard is starting a woodworking business and is not sure how to calculate the cost of his labor so he can be both profitable and fair to the customers. He asks several established business owners how they calculate labor changes. d.Bill is doing a report on the sonnets of Shakespeare. He carefully reads a number of sonnets and then carefully reads scholarly reviews of those same sonnets written by various Shakespeare scholars. He synthesizes all of this information in his report.

Research Methods Ch1 Test Essay Example

*3.Which of the following is defined as an organized body of concepts and principles intended to explain a particular phenomenon? a.Theory b.Inference c.Hypothesis d.Interpretation

*4.Which of the following is defined as a reasonable guess, or a logical supposition, for explaining the phenomenon under investigation? a.Theory b.Inference c.Hypothesis d.Interpretation *5.The process of formal research begins with the identification of: a.research hypotheses. b.a feasible research plan. c.available participants. d.a research problem.

*6.The purpose of formal research is to: a.prove or disprove the study hypotheses. or fail to support the study hypotheses. c.identify alternative hypotheses. d.move beyond the need for hypotheses.

*7.Assumptions come into play: regard to nearly every aspect of every research study. qualitative research but not in quantitative research. c.when research is not well thought out. d.rarely, if ever.

*8.Well-designed research manages to minimize or avoid: a.assumptions. b.predictions. c.theory. d.bias.

*9.Researchers ______ their phenomenon of interest on the basis of data analysis. a.make inferences about b.know facts about c.define d.identify

*10.A primary function of the methodology is to: and control the acquisition of data. b.extract meaning from the data that have been gathered. c.both a and b d.neither a nor b

*11.Three of the following come into play as the researcher analyzes the data. Which one does NOT? a.The study hypothesis/hypotheses b.Preferences for certain outcomes c.The logical reasoning process d.Assumptions

*12.A well-designed and well-conducted study: a.answers questions of importance in the field. b.raises questions of importance to the field. c.answers some questions and raises other questions.

*13.Reading the professional literature in the field of interest: a.will enhance an individual’s ability to design and conduct high-quality research. b.will stifle creativity and constrain the individual to the status quo. c.will make little difference to the quality and impact of the individual’s work. necessary only for the leaders in the field.

*14.One indication that a piece of information is of high quality is that the information: a. is found on the Internet. found in a juried (or refereed) research report. c.resulted from a project that received corporate funding. the firsthand account of a personal experience.

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