Research on compassion

10 October 2018

Factor analyses consistently reveal that emotion ratings in these situations load on distinct compassion and distress factors.

In a review of six studies, Batson and colleagues (1987) found that self-reports of feeling compassionate, sympathetic, moved, tender, warm, and soft hearted consistently load on a common factor. In contrast, self-reports of alarmed, upset, disturbed, distressed, worried, and perturbed loaded on a separate factor. The distinction between these factors occurred even though correlations between responses to distress and compassion items were positive (r’s ranged from .44 to .75, as reported in Batson et al., 1987).RESEARCH ON EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCEResearch on Emotional Intelligence has grown fourfold since the last two decades.

Research on compassion Essay Example

A lot of research is being done to study how expedient it can be in our daily life, schools as well as at the workplace. EI predicts the extent to which managers engage in behaviours that are supportive of the goals of the organization, according to the ratings of their supervisors (Coˆte ? ; Miners, 2006). In one study done by Kerr, Garvin, ; Heaton (2006) manufacturing supervisors’ managerial performance was evaluated by their employees. Total EI correlated .39 with these managerial performance ratings, with the strongest relations for the ability to perceive emotions and to use emotions.Research on EI indicates that people with high EI tend to be more socially competent, to have better quality relationships, and to be viewed as more interpersonally sensitive than those lower in EI (Brackett et al., 2006; Brackett, Warner, ; Bosco, 2005; Lopes et al.

, 2004; Lopes, Salovey, Coˆte ?, ; Beers, 2005; Lopes, Salovey, ; Straus, 2003). In a study conducted by Day and Carroll (2004), experience was positively correlated with three of the four emotional intelligence scales, as measured by the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test. Van Rooy, Alonso and Viswesvaran (2005) examined the relationship between emotional intelligence and age using the 33-item Emotional Intelligence Scale and found a significant positive correlation between emotional intelligence and age. In a study conducted by Parker et al. (2004), various dimensions of emotional intelligence were found to be predictors of academic success. In a study conducted by Rode, Mooney, Arthaud-Day, Near, Baldwin, Rubin ; Bommer, (2007), it was predicted that emotional intelligence was related to academic performance for two reasons.INTERRELATIONSHIPS AMONG DIFFERENT VARIABLES OF RESEARCHCULTURE AND JOB SATISFACTIONCulture significantly impacts on job and pay satisfaction (Diener, 2003).

Liu et al. (2004) stated that job satisfaction is the same in countries where people speak the same language and this equivalent decreased with increasing cultural distance. In the context of globalization and the interdependence of countries all over the world, understanding about national culture seems to be more and more important. Especially in the corporate field, national culture (NC) affects certain aspects, much of management and organizational behaviour. Robbins (2003) says that impressive evidence exists concerning the significance of job satisfaction. A satisfied workforce leads to higher productivity because of fewer disruptions, such as absenteeism, turnover, and negative behaviours. Moreover, employees are more loyal and productive when they are satisfied.

In a research done by Derek and Merris (2002) they found that employee satisfaction influenced employee productivity, absenteeism and retention.Kirkman and Shapiro (2001) studied the impact of cultural values on job satisfaction among 461 self-managing teams in four countries (Belgium, Finland, Philippines and the United States). They found that higher levels of collectivism are associated with higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment within teams. Loh, Restubog, and Gallois (2010) found that eastern cultures (higher in collectivism) have a higher level of work-group identification than western cultures (higher in individualism).

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