Research on Distance Learning

4 April 2015
A paper proposing how to go about researching the concept of higher education distance learning.

In this paper, the hypothesis that distance learning is effective for higher education, is used to highlight various research methods. The methodology is explained in terms of subjects and sampling procedures, instruments, characteristics of the measures, procedures and limitations.
“Education is, after all, not simply the acquisition of facts but their synthesis as well, the creative and unique ways of putting together information about the world that those with experience in the world can achieve. Education may well be ” as it is often humorously argued ” wasted on the young, not because of any inherent fault of their own but because their range of experience is so narrow that it is difficult for them to make the best use of the facts that they are given. Unconnected to experiences and without an already established framework of other knowledge about the way in which the world works, the facts presented to the young in the course of their education are often like expensive crystal goblets sliding unanchored on a silver tray. It is almost inevitable that some of them will fall off and be smashed.”
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