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1 January 2017

Registration of a birth is the first legitimate account of a child in the society. It is the official and legal acknowledgement of the birth’s existence in the society and the population at large of the nation. It is giving proper and equal social rights to the child/individual when the birth is registered. (Arun Serrao and Sujatha B. R,2004)In this research paper it states that Birth Registration is the official recording of the birth of a child by some administrative body of the government. It is a permanent and official record of a child’s birth.

Any birth that is not registered deprives the child/individual from his human rights in the society. Birth registration is a fundamental human right that is specified in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). All Birth have the right to a name, identity and nationality, and birth registration is a first and significant step in upholding these rights(UNICEF, 2004). Birth registration is the State’s first official acknowledgement of the child’s existence and is the means to secure other child rights such as access to health care and education services.

Research Paper for Birth Registration Essay Example

In addition, birth registration protects children from exploitation because it enables the use of legalities of age standards for children and adults, age limits for employment, marriage, recruitment for armed forces and criminal responsibility. It enables the legal rights of the child/individual in a society. A Birth Certificate is the official document produced upon accounting and legalizing the existence of a Birth. With the birth certificate, information of the child such as age, parents of the child, and to what nationality the child belongs to can be verified.

Birth Registeration in Bangladesh)In this research study, it stats that Birth registration is essential for national planning and monitoring because it enables the collection of the basic demographic data required to create effective strategies for health planning, health budgets plan, health determinants, population planning, census outcomes, education, law, and socio-economy in a nation. In another research study,

Mariana Murri 2010) it stated that Birth Registration is national policies and legislation in the sense that it establishes minimum ages for work, military conscription and marriage. Without Birth Certificates, children will be denied of receiving equal services and protection with children who have been registered and have Birth Certificates. (UNICEF, a statistical analysis of Birth Registration 2005) emphasized on the completeness birth registrations in which it enables the production of demographic data from which will allow a country to keep track of its own population statistics, trends and differentials.

When disaggregated, the data can be used to identify the geographic, social, economic and gender disparities within national boundaries. The use of this data can lead to more accurate planning and implementation of development policies and programmes, particularly in health, education, housing, water and sanitation, employment, agriculture and industrial production. Background Information The Background data about the country. Yap State is located in the Western Caroline Island in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is one of the four states of (FSM)the Federated States of Micronesia with a total population of 12,000. FSM national census annual report 2010)

Yap State consists of 7 main Municipalities (Gagil-Tomil-Rull-Maap-Fanif-Gilman-Dalipebinaw ) one Island(Rumung)which is part of the main island and about 85 villages within those municipalities of Yap. Additionally, Yap State consists of 19 other inhabited outer-low lying corals atolls and islands. They are stretched out more than 100,000 square miles away from the main island and known as the Outer islands of Yap. Yap Main Island and Outer islands of Yap. The health status of the population and health service data related to the problem that is to be studied. . State of the Problem Birth Registration in Yap Registration of Births in Yap has been a challenge within the Ministry of Health and the state’s statistics office that reports annual country census. Unlike most countries where the civil registration office is an office of its own, Yap Ministry of Health is responsible for registering birth and death under a Public Health program known as (MCH) Mother Child Health. This program collects, tracks, and analyze all birth and death data and is also responsible for producing birth and death reports.

Program responsible for Birth and Death Registry Village Community Health Center site1 Village Community Health Center site2 Village Community Health Center site3 The Birth registry system was developed and implemented in Yap back in the late 90’s as a log book for logging birth later on transitioned into an excel spreadsheet. Yap Registry before migrating into Microsoft access database. (1999) In 2004, As part of the FSM national government strategic action plan on improving health data management and reporting they implemented a standardized Health Information System (HIS) across the four states of FSM.

This initiative included the reform of the birth registry which was migrated into an electronic birth registration access based database system to collect ,track and print Birth Certificates from the states. However, almost 20% of 500 live births every year remains unregistered in Yap State. In 1995, WHO Western Pacific country profile reports showed an 85% unregistered births for the whole FSM with a total population of 107,000. Recent reports showed that there is still a high number of un-registered birth and inconsistency of birth registration numbers continues to be a factor in Birth Registration every year.

In a Recent report by Statistics office, it showed that almost 10% of births every year goes un-registered for the past 5 years and a high number of late /delayed birth certificates has been seen at the hospital . At least 15% of these delayed certificates remained incomplete certificate forms filled at the hospital. According to the FSM yearly health indicator report, Birth Registration coverage is still showing inconsistent number of coverage improvement throughout the past 5 years. The graph below is based on the current stats at the Yap State Hospital for the last past 5 years.

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