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1 January 2017

Academic Honesty Cases of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will be handled by the instructor. Students who are found to engage in academic dishonesty through such activities as cheating on exams, plagiarism or collusion with others will face disciplinary action. Students who disagree with the instructor’s decision are afforded an appeals process. Attendance Policy While this is not a traditional “in classroom” course, students are expected to keep track of all course related materials via Blackboard.

Students should contact the instructor through the Blackboard message system before Sept. 3rd in order to report attendance.Periodically, the instructor will post Blackboard announcements in order to relay course related content. These Announcements should be read thoroughly in order avoid any confusion or loss of important information. Student Conduct Students are expected to address the instructor and each other in a respectable manner. Insulting, threatening, or derogatory language directed at any individual will be met with immediate disciplinary action. Any such actions should be brought to the attention of the instructor.

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Accommodations Paris Junior College complies with the needs of students who fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act.PJC will provide reasonable accommodations for students with qualified disabilities. It is the responsibility of the student to contact and disclose the nature and extent of the disability to the ADA Coordinator located in the Counseling/Advising Center at all campuses. Drop Policy The student must notify the instructor if he/she desires to drop the course before the final date to drop. After the drop date, students may not drop. The final date for this semester is Nov. 15th.

The student has the responsibility to initiate a drop by requesting a withdrawal slip from the instructor.Failure to do so may result in a final grade of “F. ” My Testing Philosophy While all exams are open book, I still expect you to study. The time you have been allotted to complete your assignments is not enough for you to flip through the book for every answer. If you attempt this test taking method, you will not have enough time to answer every question. Read the assigned chapters, study them, gain an understanding of the material, and look to the book during the exam for help on those questions you are unsure of. This is the formula for doing well in this class.

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