Research Paper Proposal

American girl.

Race, in its entirety, has always been a controversial issue. I took special interest in this topic after a lecture by my anthropology teacher. In this lecture, he explained how many people associate race with the physical appearances. When in all actuality, race was something created by man to classify human beings, in order to distinguish the superior from the inferior. There has always been a challenge with toy manufacturers when it comes to diversifying their products.In an attempt to diversify The research question that addresses the topics of race and consumerism is “How do certain children’s toy manufacturers perpetuate racial stereotypes? ” This research question will allow me to break down every aspect of the stereotypes associated with the four races that I intend to focus on. As I address the stereotypes, I will attempt to address how toy manufacturers, Matter and American Girl, indirectly promote racial profiling through an attempt to target a broad consumer group.

A potential source that plan to use in this research paper is the article “Multicultural Barbie” listed in the Inquiry to Academic Writing book. Also, I intend to use secondary sources, on articles about the research collected from the manufacturer companies during their production and decision making process of their multicultural products. I also intend to use scholarly articles on studies on stereotypes associated with races.

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