Resort Feasibility Study

1 January 2017

Bantayan Island, the shining tropical paradise in Asia is commonly known as an island paradise in Philippines. Tourists as far as Europe fall in love with its fine white sand and crystal clear blue waters. Many of these foreigners even settled down on the island to spend the rest of their lives. Two of the main attraction of the island is its crystal-clear waters and its long stretch of powdery white sand. The stunning sunset will really spice those romantic walks on the beach.

One of the reasons the island is famous is its peacefulness, the way a resort should be. Unsaturated beauty and a combination of sweet smiling natives made the island as it is now. The resort will be built in an area of 50,000sq. m with adjacent lots available for expansion to provide more recreational facilities for all the guests. B. Beach Resort A seaside resort is a resort located on the coast. Where a beach is the primary focus for tourists, it may be called a beach resort. Residents and tourists alike use beaches as a place for leisure and sport.

The relatively soft formation of sand is comfortable to sit or lie on, and entering and exiting the water is far easier across a sand beach than a rocky shore. The waves present at beaches add to the enjoyment and make the sport of body surfing and related activities possible. One of the main attractions of a sand beach, especially for children, is playing with the sand, building sand castles and other constructs. II. Physical Structure C. Public/common areas * Blueprint/Floor Layout (The floor layouts are attached) * First Layout: the layout of the whole resort. Second Layout: the first floor of the Poseidon Palace. The Palace includes the lobby, Hera Kids Hub, Balcony, Cratus Fitness Center, Aphordite Spa, Athena Souvenir Shop and Business Center. * Third Layout: the Poseidon Palace Ground Floor. The ground floor includes the office and the housekeeping area. * Fourth Layout: the Poseidon Palace 2nd, 3rd & 4th floor. It shows the floor number and the type of room in every room in every floor. It also shows the ventilation path and the fire exit. * Fifth Layout: the Hestia Restaurant. It is the layout of the Hestia restaurant. * Sixth Layout.

Centralized system is a HVAC system type that use boilers to create hot water and chillers to create cold water. The hot and cold water is circulated to fan coil units in the guest rooms. Air is blown through the fan coils, where heat is transferred either to or from the water and then heating or cooling occurs. Because the only device operating in the guestrooms are small fans, centralized system are relatively quiet. It is placed in every building in the resort such as The Poseidon Palace, Dionysus bar and Hestia Restaurant. Fans are provided on each cottage.

Lighting system help attract guest and make them more comfortable and it also establish an atmosphere on the resort. It can substantially affect safety and energy cost. Fluorescent lights are placed on buildings rooms and hallways. Fluorescent lights use less energy and last longer than regular bulbs. Pink incandescent light bulbs are placed near mirrors because it provides tones that enhance the appearance of guests when they look at themselves in the mirror. Three-way bulbs are placed on cottages. Light posts are located on walk ways and around the area.

These are the lighting that will be used on different areas: * Front Desk Tagora 270 Ceiling Lamp * Lobby and waiting area Marylin Suspension Lamp * Hallways Wine Light Wall Sconce * Guest Rooms Astree wall or Ceiling light Twister Ceiling lamp Berilio wall sconce Nelly ceiling lamp * Restaurant and Bar Discoco Large pendant light Machina Della Luce D’Oro Elettra 66 grand chandelier Coffe light wall sconce * Outdoor lights Fil De Fer outdoor lamp Camponone outdoor floor lamp Camponone outdoor floor lamp Chimseta outdoor floor lamp D. Guest Room

The resort offers overnight and half day or night stay. The main lodging house which is the Poseidon Palace is complete with amenities and it also includes facilities for the guests like spa and fitness center. You can experience the night like you never experienced before. Every room type is complete with amenities and selected room has mini pool. The room rates are affordable and reliable. The most affordable is the standard room up to the most expensive suites. The rooms are design with a seaside sensation effect. The most sophisticated designs are chosen to be adored by the guests.

The half day or night stay is valid for 12hour stay on the area. They can access to all the facilities of the area. They will lodge in the cottages which is located around the area. They can enjoy all recreational amenities and the beach itself. This resort can be competitive to other resorts in the area. From the facilities, activities and recreational amenities. The resort has full of facilities around the area where there is no going-out to find for food or anything because 3 goblets offers great food and experience. Compared on the lodging facilities, the design and amenities cannot be found to other resorts.

The amenities are complete and rooms are air conditioned. The pool is big for the entire guest to enjoy and the beach is endless. The activities and recreational amenities that will be offered are far more different from the others. Some activities will be first introduced by our resort. The entire place is operated 24hours and the 3goblets beach resort is where the pleasure never sleeps. ~. Weakness The resort could still improve and add more facilities needed by the guests. The operation can be low on the cold months and on school months which can be avoided by introducing more promos and packages.

There is small number of recreational equipment. Not all flows can be managed during the peak season because of the many number of visitors. The employees should avoid absenteeism during their shifts that may lead to lack of staff during their shift. . Opportunities The resort will be open for jobs which is a good thing for the people around the Bantayan Island and in Cebu city. It will be open for student trainees in their hospitality related courses that can help them on their on-the-job training. Tourist and residents will feel the most comfortable and high quality experience.

Local events can take place on the resort which can be an entertainment and advertising the resort. The residents will be aware of the new things. They will see new trend happening around them. People will see new technologies where we can start to be a competing resort to other resorts in the country. There will be a change in social patterns, population profiles and life style of the residents and guests of the resort. . Threats Budget in improvement of resort can be a threat because the development in technology changes and also the price.

The competitors may be aware of the new activities that introduced by us and it may lead to the competitor’s innovation to change ideas. Change of weather can be also a great threat to visitor who wants to go to our resort. The most common way of transportation to the resort is via sea so the management must be update of coming low pressure areas and bad weather. Natural disaster cannot be avoided so the management must be ready for anything. The guest around the beachside during night should be guarded to avoid any danger.

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