Resource for advanced English language learners

From this source of material, you can view video clips on new books introduction, book views, hot news discussion, topic discussion and skills training etc. This will help you to obtain the new abundant information and knowledge in a quick and efficient way. The clips are presented in a very attractive and lively way. It brings you closer to the international academic and business world. From there, you can meet new faces, well-known speakers, authors, politicians, and professors etc. You will be joyful when seeing the authors of the books you study or the speakers that you have heard about.

This will surely open up your mind. This source can definitely improve your language skill, especially the listening skill. You will hear from many native English speakers with different accents and dialects. You will learn to get used to the speaking tone and speed of native speakers. You can learn how they use their pronunciation and the use of words in both daily and academic conversation. You will soon realize that there is a pool of speakers with diversified speaking styles that you can learn a lot from.Apart from that, the source can also help you with other soft skills.

It will help to you learn how to influence and lead others in a conversation, the way how they dress in a professional way, how they start and end up a conversation. This will enhance your personal skills to apply in your working life. This source is also a convenient way of learning. You do not need to sit in front of the monitor but still get track of the presenting ideas through the speaker. You can listen to the video clips and do other things in the same time.It is a useful way of learning when you have little time. However, there are some disadvantages through this type of learning.

It requests you to have the access to the internet to view the clips which may not be available especially when you travel. You may encounter with some delay or stop due to the slow transmitting speed. In addition, speaking language is different with the writing one, therefore, it may not upgrade your academic writing skills. In summary, the video link of Havana Business Review is very useful for improving your listening and pronunciation skills.However, you have to bear n mind that you should combine with other source of materials in order to develop other language skill as well such as writing and reading. See for example, the section on “Workplace Writers”, http://owl. English.

Purdue. Due/owl/resource/681[01/ This source will lead you to the “Workplace writers” which provides you with guidelines for different types of writing in business. Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a useful resource for professional and academic reference. The link provides diversified information.From this link you can find detailed information from simple writings such as cover letter, curriculum vitae to sophisticated writings such as white paper, technical reports etc. The resource is presented in a well-organized way. The information is quite detailed and specific.

It provides you with the step-by-step guidelines to help you writing a specific paper including layout, design, structure, wording, main contents etc. It also covers the definition, the purpose Of the writing, the problems that need to be addressed in the paper. As the link focuses on workplace, you may find some useful items for your org.You may feel delighted when finding job skill checklist where you can see a list of required skills in the workplace. Then you can note down some skills to add in your C.V. or plan to acquire and improve some skills in the future for your own benefit.

However, the information in the link still remains theoretic since there are not many templates or examples for illustration. In summary, this source of material is a good source for your writing especially in workplace. However, we need to check other SOL_Ceres for good templates for reference.

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