Resources Worksheet

6 June 2018

Worksheet Student resources include a variety of helpful sites and tools that can be of assistance when completing assignments, connecting to other students, and searching for careers.

Complete this table regarding student resources provided by the university. In the first column, identify where the resource can be found. In the second column, summarize each resource in at least one sentence. When you are finished with the matrix, answer the follow-up question in part B. Part A: Resources Scavenger Hunt Student resource Where found Summary of the resourceSyllabus Course Materials It let’s u no what, when, and where your work has to be done Class Policies Main Forums Tell about attendance and participation University Library Library Allows you to search for articles University Academic Catalog Program/My Programs Tells the most current academic programs and policies University Learning Goals Course Outline Helps on goal setting Life Resource Center Quick Links provides you free, confidential 24/7 online and telephonic support through a variety of services. Phoenix Career Services resource to help you identify and prepare for success in the career that fits o best.

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