Respect Army Nco

The Noncommissioned Officer Corp is the backbone of a professional army.

Through real “hands on” experiences, and progression through the enlisted ranks, the NCO should be in a position of self confidence and esteem, that their position alone should demand respect from both enlisted soldiers and our officers, because the NCO is in a leadership position, and respecting at least their position and authority is required by regulation. The Unite States Army does not make the town’s idiot an NCO. An NCO is the one who has been there, done that, and has gone through a rug road. They are the ones who get the mission accomplished.The NonCommisioned Officer is the backbone of the military. They are the ones with the experience that is required to be a voice of reason. Often times, it requires a finite balance of leadership ability and good common sense to properly influence both the Officers and Junior Enlisted Soldiers to ensure that every aspect of a mission or training event happen to standard.

NCO’s lead, teach, train, mentor, supervise and care for soldiers. Non Comissioned officers are the ones that can make sense out of chaos. Keep calm under pressure (and under fire) and are overall responsible for everything that happens or fails to happen in the military.Officers aren’t taught to march by officers, they are taught by NCO’s. No one learns to fire a rifle without and NCO. Basic training and certain elements of the Officer Basic Course are taught by NCO’s. Without respect to NCO’s, you loose alot that deals with the basic fundementals of good military order and discipline.

Soldiers think that they have a right to respect when they join the Army, and they do, but they often times forget that the NCO’s who are there to lead them have earned theirs. They have been there and done that. The NCO is what makes the military of today. That is exactly the reason why you or no one below and NCO…

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