Respect for the U.S. Flag

This is a brief background paper on the issues surrounding the proper display of respect for the U.S. flag.

This paper details two laws that were passed in order to legislate correct respect for the American flag. The laws mentioned are the Flag Code and the Flag Protection Act. The laws are discussed and their importance examined.
“Does the idea of watching someone burn the United States Flag make you cringe or would you hardly bat an eye at the thought? Would you consider yourself more “patriotic” for defending the integrity of the Flag itself or the principles upon which it was founded? Patriotism seems to historically have been linked with the poignant symbolism of the U.S. Flag, and the whole issue can be an emotional topic for many people. For military members, it probably brings to mind visions of hordes of tearful airmen singing “Proud to Be an American” during the last week of Basic Military Training. But regardless of what memories the Flag resurrects in each of us, no one can deny that knowing and demonstrating the proper display of respect for the U.S. Flag is an important aspect of being an American–and this is the central issue that this paper will address. The two key events that shaped the current situation were the enactment of the Flag Code and the Flag Protection Act.”
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