Pakistan is located from southwest to Northwest at 23-37 degree north latitude and 61-76 degree east latitude on the map of the world. This is the beauty of the nature and the fortune of Pakistan as it is being blessed by so much diversified climate pattern round the year. In northern areas of Pakistan the temperature gets as low as 25 Celsius degree and in the southern areas of the country the temperature rises as high as 55 Celsius degree. Monsoon season is experienced in many parts of world for example northern Australia, Africa, and South America but the real strength of monsoon is being observed in South Asian countries which include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Southwest monsoon season in Sri Lanka enters in late May just before it enters the Indiansubcontinent.

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In India it enters in June and in Pakistan in early July and remains till the end of September. Summer monsoon season in Pakistan is of great importance for its agricultural, economic and social purposes. These rains are not only used for water needs of plants in agricultural sector but also to kill the insects by physical beating. By irrigating the fields, certain insect pests like crickets attacking the cotton seedlings and the white ants attacking cotton, sugarcane, chilies and other crops can be drowned in rain water and thus crops can be saved. Monsoon in Pakistan contributes almost 65-75 % of the total annual rainfall. Monsoon brings heavyrainfall in Pakistan as they move from India in to the borders of the state.

Heavy winds also bring chill weather with them fromIran and its surroundings which inculcate the heavy rainfall in to the premises of the state. The most of the rainfall is being observed in the west of Punjab and even the entire province of Punjab. The monsoon winds do calm down the temperature of the country as this starts to end the high temperature of summers and becomes the boundary in between the summers that have left and the winters which will be coming later. Duringthe Monsoon season the humidity in the country rises to its peak as even the humidity ratio reaches to above 85% in the western Punjab.

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Monsoon is generally the blessing in the state as it reduces the water shortage and provides ample water to the dams for the generationof electricitywhich also improves the power shortage crisis in this state but due to bad governance and poor management; monsoon becomes devastating and destructive of the people of the country as poor drainage system plays the vital role in the water getting stuck on roads which spreads a lot of dangerous diseases and at the same time is also very unhygienic. Very poor conditions of the dams and river banks causes floods on regular basis in Pakistan in the monsoon season where high flow water destroys whatever comes its way resulting in heavy loss of both live and the property of the People living nearby river banks.

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