Respecting property

7 July 2016

Respecting people property is very important. Some people are very touchy with their property ranging from things from bags to their homes and cars. It’s understandable because they spent a lot of money on that item. Some people care even if that item has lost its material value because they have developed a sentimental value or bond with it. Even if person does not care about their property you should always take great care and avoid any damage to it. In the shop in school there are many ways to avoid damaging and to respect people property.

One way we can stop this is by not leaning on the vehicles whenever possible. Leaning on cars can be very annoying to owners and they might be hesitant to come back to the shop. Another way is to not write things on the car like “Wash me”. The owner can feel embarrassed and make them feel self-conscience. You can also damaging the person’s window or paint by making small scratches on the surface because as your finger collects dirt it turns into sand paper.

Respecting property Essay Example

When working on cars it important to put fender cover to avoid scratching or spilling liquids such as brake fluid that can “eat” away at the paint. Resulting in costly repairs. Furthermore, when we are coming up from under the car or working around body panels it’s important to make sure we don’t leave behind finger marks or drops of oil. Even when working inside the car we should use seat covers so we wouldn’t leave behind dirt stains. We should also be careful not to damage the doors when we open them, such as when the car is on the lift opening it can be difficult.

Another way we can avoid damage is by leaving notes on the cars if we haven’t finished fixing what we had to fix. For example if the mechanic was doing an oil change and ran out of time to fill back oil. The mechanic should leave a note saying “no oil”, in case someone wanted to move the car. If the note wasn’t there and someone started the car and drove it away damage would have occurred and the engine might be nosier than when the owner dropped it off.

Which they would wonder why and you may have to replace the engine. As you can see it’s important to respect people’s property. We shouldn’t damage any parts or leave behind dirt or stains. When we return the car in the condition it was given to us, the customer feels safe leaving their car with you again in the future. This keeps a healthy relationship with the shop and the owner. Hopefully the owner tells people about the shop and it gets more business.

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