Respecting the Opposite Sex

How many people do you know who are exactly like you—who look like you, think like you, act like you? I know plenty of people who have similar characteristics as me and it turns out that most of them would,happen to be women. Sure, there are people who share some of the same characteristics you have. About half of the world’s population is the same gender you are. Roughly one third of the world’s population is the same basic racial stock as you. Millions of people live in the same country you do, but billions more don’t. Is there by chance the people who act like you, think like you, or look like you the opposite gender?

In our own special ways, all of us are unique individuals who share both similarities and differences. While our similarities may bring us together, our differences should help us appreciate the unique qualities each person can bring to a relationship. Sadly, we live in a world where differences often divide people, nations and even families. The unique differences that should add richness to our lives end up separating people who could have been best friends. Racial and ethnic prejudices can artificially separate us from people who could greatly enrich our lives if we only knew them better.

Does it have to be this way? You should respect women by listening to what they have to say because when she tells about her thought and personal feelings you would actually understand were she is coming from. It’s a little-known fact that men interrupt women more often in conversation, and not the other way round as some might think. For many people even for me listening is a difficult skill to acquire, but it’s possible when the right motivation is there. After all, we always appreciate talking with someone who listens to what we’re saying.

I have a ways to go, as it’s all too easy to interject my comments and questions, or second-guess what a lady wants to say. Some argue that women are weak because they express their emotions—which I do not agree with. Not only is this opinion rude, but women’s expression of emotion is both natural and beneficial. Medically, repression of emotion and feelings over time can cause both psychological stress and physical illness. In addition, men who think they are “strong” by not showing emotion are in fact demonstrating pride and engrained fear of being shamed by others for not living up to perceived expectations of them.

Granted, it’s much easier said than done, but in the long run, bottling up emotions which are real, and deep, does nothing but cause pain. Overall I respect the opposite sex because without them this world would be incomplete. I would like to say that many other men need to respect the opposite sex as well. Women too, you are not always respectful to the opposite gender. Do not get me wrong both side have just as much blame for the lack of respect towards one another. Overtime I hope that this can all change and we could live as equals and respect each other, don’t you agree?

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