Response Essay on Gender and Sexuality

1 January 2018

What is beautiful? What does the word mean to you? How is your interpretation different from the advertisers’ ideal of beauty? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines beauty as, “the quality or aggregate of qualities In a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. ” After watching the many different video clips and also looking at this dictionary definition, I would have to say I agree closer more with the dictionary function.Looking back on the different video clips, I think the one that stood out most to me was the film clip of the movie Summer Magic. After the clip was over, I caught myself being very unpleased with the message. I couldn’t believe that this movie was trying to tell girls that If you wanted to get a guy, you had to act feminine instead of being yourself.

. I was happy that they were trying to say It was what’s on the Inside that counts, but then very disappointed when they said you have to change this to be what it should be and not what it is.It isn’t fair to yourself or the guy if either person isn’t being really who they are because you can’t hold a fake personality forever and will end up hurting each other at some point. I can relate to this clip in some ways because as a younger child, I used to be very tomboyish. My family would always try to dress me up in nice clothes, when all I really wanted was Just to be In shorts and a t-shirt. It didn’t bother me that I wasn’t getting a boyfriend, but I was getting guy friends.We would do a lot of things together, and although any of them were things you wouldn’t see a girl doing, it was a lot of fun.

Response Essay on Gender and Sexuality Essay Example

In many ways I am still more thankful for the guy friends I became close with because we are still very close to this day. This is why I would have to agree with the definition more because in the definition it uses the word qualities. Qualities can not only Just be your looks, but your personality and your characters that people see once they get to know the real you.Although this statement Is a click, to me, being beautiful Is the atmosphere you create with your personality and how that atmosphere makes other people feel. Being drop dead gorgeous can be a plus, but if you have no communication skills or a personality worth connecting with, then what’s the point of someone trying to get to know the real you. My view of beauty is different from advertisers because I don’t think it is Just the cover that matters, to get to really understand the message of the book; you can’t Just Judge it by Its cover.I feel there are a lot of things In this world that would be different If a lot of girls In today’s society that believed the covers were the only thing that mattered.

I think recently many companies have tried to convey the message that it’s impossible to be a real life-sized Barbie, and that if you want to critic your body, you should do it for yourself and not because someone told you to. I think this new message has been really good to try and help other girls realize that having a perfect Barbie body isn’t going to decisions you make for the rest of your life are the main deciding factors for your happiness.

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