Response to Paul Robert’s “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words”

2 February 2017

In the actual essay Roberts didn’t use this way of writing but in the revision of the details it was intriguing how just delving a little bit more into the subject brought the topic to life. Filling sentences with extra words is something that is easy to do. I have been guilty of it a few times as I’m sure countless others have as well. How Roberts talks about cutting out all the excess wording that is not required is a point in which I can see both sides of.

If a person just fills their writing with mostly useless words that don’t necessarily need to be there then it can make the essay unexpressive, and trite. On the other hand, sometimes it does help to put those fillers in. If you just shorten all your sentences to simple necessities it can seem like there is no real disposition or zest to the topic. In other words I think that some supplementary wording is necessary but, like most things, when it is overdone it can become tedious. I would probably use Roberts’s advice about not using the usual topics in my future writing.Obviously I’m sure a lot of people have probably used the same topics I have but hopefully my type of writing has brought out some points that they neglected to talk about. I can understand how for an instructor it could be very exhausting to read to same topics in different wording.

Response to Paul Robert’s “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words” Essay Example

In writing you should think outside the box, so writing something you know everyone else will be writing about dreadful. You need to go deeper and make yourself stand out in your originality. The use of colorful words is something I commend Roberts for mentioning because that is something I’ve lways tried to do. For authors, I have noticed that this is a method they use often. It makes noticeable difference in the visual aspect of the writing. In everything you write it’s good to be able to bring out the imagery of what you’re writing. When people can take what they read and turn it into a visual story playing inside their head, it can seem like the reader is living within the story.

Instead of just writing a dreary sentence with no character to it, you could show vibrancy and make the image come to life with only a few descriptive words.Paul Roberts has some very strong, useful information in what he provided. He gave excellent advice on what you should and should not do in an essay that personally I think all writers that are just starting out need to know. It’s not the boring common sense reading that everyone should already know. It is actually useful and I think that if a person used this information it would show an amazing change in the depth of their writing. I intend to use this information to my benefit throughout this course and on into the future.

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