Is “Z” a responsible citizen? Explain by providing examples from the film. In my opinion I would say Z is a responsible citizen because he stood up for what he believed in even though he wasn’t the strongest person around. Z found out the way him and his colony were living was not normal, so as a strong courageous man he stood up amongst his colony. In this movie Z shows bravery by finding Insectopia, as we can see during this scene he was going against others and it tells the audience ow Z stood up for what he believes in.

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Although Z is Just a regular ant he stands up for his beliefs, and with hope and faith he is known as a hero of the movie “Antz”. What do you think the overall moral/lesson of the film is? Why is this moral/lesson important? I think the moral of the film antz explains how you don’t need to be the strongest and bravest and have all the qualifications to save the world. Do what you hink is right, don’t base your opinion and thoughts by what other people think.

As we see in the film the antz the ant z that saves the colony was a nerd, but he had hope and faith that he could do it and at the end he did. During this scene he was going against society. A lesson that can be learned is to do what you think is right, dont base your opinion on the people around you, and never think that you don’t have the right qualifications to do anything.

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