Retail Logistics Systems

4 April 2015
A paper which studies the logistics involved in retail establishments.

This paper provides an overview of the logistics involved in 21st-century retail in a variety of different types of retail establishments. Because the realm of logistics is so large and so complicated, this paper focuses primarily on the distribution element of logistics although it touches on distribution networks in the overall system of retail logistics. The paper shows how companies now have a wide range of distribution networks and channels available to them as they attempt to match consumers with goods. It shows that some companies, including superstores like Wal-Mart, rely on complex centrally planned and located logistics systems to convey goods to customers while others rely primarily on the wonders of the Internet to structure their logistical problems. This paper examines only the retail market, or only those commercial activities involved in selling items directly to the consumer for personal use.
“Transportation of retail goods is an arena that has been especially affected by globalization. We saw evidence of this last year when there were clashes between Mexican and American truck drivers, strict interpreters of NAFTA, and environmentalists. With lower standards for pollution allowed for Mexican trucks, many Americans did not want more of these trucks crossing the border into the United States for these trucks would bring both retail goods and smog with them.”
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