Rethinking The Corporation ( Robert Tomasko )

4 April 2015
Reviews work on corp. success in management & organizational reform & relationship between corp. & architectural planning.

Robert M. Tomasko’s book Rethinking the Corporation: The Architecture of Change is a follow-up work to his earlier Downsizing: Reshaping the Corporation for the Future. Downsizing presented ideas on the need for streamlining the corporation to make it leaner, stronger and able to make quick changes to survive in the increasingly competitive future.

Rethinking the Corporation is the result of a four-year journey in which Tomasko studied dozens of companies around the world to find out what those corporations had done right and what they had done wrong in making management and organizational changes.
In his Prologue to the book, Tomasko writes that many corporations have used downsizing practices, but they have not dealt with deeper structural and organizational problems…

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