Revenge in Romeo & Juliet

Analyzes tragedy’s perspectives on revenge & individual/community conflicts, focusing on prevailing Elizabethan cultural, legal, religious, political, gender & ethical norms.

Revenge in Romeo and Juliet
In Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare brings together the conflicting political and legal ideologies about the proper operation of the state as a political body that reigned during the Elizabethan Age. Specifically, he applied the motifs of the well-known revenge tragedy to demonstrate the ideological split that was occurring during his time. Ernest William Talbert’s analysis of Richard II concludes that Shakespeare fused the disparate emphases in current thought about the body politic during the Elizabethan Age. In the same manner, Shakespeare uses Romeo and Juliet and their relationship to each other and to the operation of Verona to demonstrate the split between the old emphasis on community and the new emphasis on the individual that..
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