Revenge of the Spaniards

4 April 2015
Analysis of Bernal Diaz’s The Conquest of New Spain.

This paper presents an in-depth analysis of Bernal Diaz’s “The Conquest of New Spain.” The paper examines the shroud of mystery surrounding the details of Montezuma’s death and, by utilizing the opinions of David Boruchoff and the actual text of Diaz’s book, this paper briefly highlighting the key points that Diaz makes in his retelling of Montezuma’s unfortunate murder. The paper then brings to light the rational faults and discrepancies within the original text and counters these apparent errors, by applying common sense and general knowledge of the era.
The readable report, a concept from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, is easily applicable to Bernal Diaz’s The Conquest of New Spain. The aforementioned readable report, in a general sense, indicates that the retelling of a situation or event is portrayed in a manner that benefits the teller even if distortion of the truth is required. Diaz, in his account of Montezuma’s death, makes the Spanish appear blameless and seemingly innocent of Montezuma’s blood. Throughout the sequence of events leading up to Montezuma’s death, there are constant indictments of the Mexicans causing the death of their own leader. ”
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