Review Article

8 August 2019

I as most teens spend a lot of time online listening to music. During my time I came across a song called “Kids” by Current Joys, at the momentI was very confused what could this song be about. That was until I listened to it and figured it out.

“Oh, I’m just a kid

I never use my brain

I only use my heart

And my imagination.”

In the opening verse, it tells you about being a kid. Carefree, creative and all in all enjoying life. As you continue listening to the song you start to hear the person dealing with the hardships of giving up your childhood.

“Oh I’m no longer a kid

And everything has changed

There’s nothing in my heart

And lightning in my brain.”

Our childhood is now gone leaving us wondering who and what are we? Everything is different nothing is like it was.

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What do I do now? Current Joys aka Nick Rattigan is expressing how hard giving up your childhood is no one wants the leave the carefree attitude, childlike ideas, and seeing the good in everyone.

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