Mr. Tucket The novel Mr. Tucket written by Gary Paulsen. This Western style book was published in 1969 by Funk & Wagnalls. Mr. Tucket is the first novel in The Tucket Series. It is about a fifteen year old Francis Tucket who strays from his family’s wagon on the Oregon Trail and is captured by the Pawnee and rescued by a one armed mountain man. This novel was set In the desert on the way west on a wagon train. The story Is from the point of view of Francis.

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Francis Alphonse Tucket and Jason Grimes the Mountain Man are the two main characters in the novel. They were together for most part of the book. Mr. Grimes taught Francis how to survive in the wild and a lot of valuable lessons for him to live by. The theme of the book was perseverance, to keep pushing through everything that happens. When Francis was captured by the Indians he fought to get out and he didnt quit. Francis is like this throughout the whole book.

He constantly keeps going. Mr. Grimes “raised” Francis for a short time and mentored him and taught him how to respect the land and live off of it. Mr. Tucket by Gary Paulsen is the first series in the series of five books. The western series Is about a fifteen year old boy who was kidnapped by Indians and saved by a mountain man. The man teaches Francis life lessons and how to survive. The theme of the book was perseverance and to keep fighting. ton

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