Review of Head over Heels

10 October 2016

It is a short movie which is non-verbal just about ten minutes . However , it is a romantic film that it tells a story about old couples which haven’t live in the same level . Their house is floating in the sky . At the meantime , the couples haven’t talk with each other for a long time . Someday the husband find their life is a little boring he decide to make some romantic atmosphere in their life . So he find out some materials to make a pair of shoes to his wife .

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He send it as the gift to his wife in exciting but his wife misunderstand his mind . Then they quarrel with each other during that time their house settle in the land . The wife go out to view the outside scenario without his husband because of he couldn’t stand on the ground . However , he flying in the sky so that he can spy where his wife had gone . At dusk and nightfall , his wife come back and find the gift . She was moving by his husband .

Sunddenly , she come up with an good idea that hammer some spikes in the ceiling so that she can go through it to facing to face his husband . After long time waiting , they finally getting together despite living in different level . I was moved by the film . It is thought provoking that we have to cherish our lover even we may have contradictions. It make me believing that love can make our life changing forward to what we we are imaging .

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