In this chapter, the researchers discussed the dfferent foreign and local literature that was gathered from books, magazines and related articles from internet. Related Literature Foreign Literature Age certainly seems to be an important factor for some SNSs, supporting the life phase concept.

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Although NaszaKlasa and Cyw’orld seem to have attracted multigenerational audiences and NaszaKlasa seems to encourage different age connections within families and between teachers and pupils Myspace has historically been a youth site, helped by its musical orientation and profile ustomization opportunities. For a while, Myspace seemed to have been adopted by the majority of US teens, creating peer pressure for the remainder to Join, in addition to a likely pool of online friends and acquaintances to connect to.

An additional appeal for youth, in common to some extent with other forms of computer-mediated communication, was the ability to socialize online after school in a relatively safe environment, replacing the often forbidden shopping mall visits of earlier generations. Gender Is also important and Myspace seems to support cross-gender friendship particularly well compared to the offline world.

Boyd and Ellison, define social network sites as web-based services that allow individuals to (1) construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system, (2) articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection, and (3) view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system. While the researchers use the term “social network site” to describe this phenomenon, the term “social networking sites” also appears in public discourse, and the two terms are often used interchangeably.

User chose not to employ the term “networking” for two reasons: emphasis and scope. Networking” emphasizes relationship Initiation, often between strangers. While networking is possible on these sites, it is not the primary practice on many of them, nor is it what differentiates them from other forms of computer- mediated communication (CMC) (Boyd, Ellison, 2007) when Friendster was launched, users utilized the site to get In touch with old friends. It was innovative and for many young people.

Although Myspace was also launched with the idea

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of connecting people, it rapidly evolved into more of a music platform. Its early success lay mainly with teenagers, who used the site to share photos, ommunicate with friends and design their own profiles. Myspace, however, made the strategic decision to follow the needs and demands of users and developed the 1 OF 7 site accordingly. I nls enaDlea Myspace to malntaln Its already neavy user-Dase, ana also attract new users.

The provision of an application which allowed users to upload four MP3s was a major milestone for Myspace. It also supported freedom of expression, posting anything unless it was directly destructive, at a time when Friendster was censoring user-generated content. The popularity of SNS photo sharing prompted the launch of various photo sharing sites. One of the pioneers in 2004 was Flickr, which became known for its dynamic platform for sharing photos, comments, tags and photo repositories for blogs.

In addition, the self-organization and collaborative element of the site allowed users to also create assembled galleries and communities of interest. The latter in particular created a niche market of people connecting between themselves through pictures (Haddon, 2006) Online Social Networking is the art of meeting and building contacts on the Web, it is an increasingly popular way to increase the personal and professional contacts, make ew friends, develop professional relationships, and even find a new Job.

They can also use social networking sites to promote the personal or business web site (Wartman et al. , 2009). Todays communication technologies-ranging from email and instant messaging to paging and teleconferencing. It is easy to imagine a time when the researchers won’t have to meet “in person” to conduct business. Yet face to face communication has taken on more importance than ever. In the age of global business many companies work forces and partnering organizations are increasingly diverse with diversity come ore opportunities for misunderstanding between managers.

Again face-to-face communication encounters can help conversation participants better understand one another perspective(Harvard Business Press, 2004). Social network analysis is used widely in the social and behavioral sciences, as well as in economics, marketing, and industrial engineering. The social network perspective focuses on relationships among social entities and is an important addition to standard social and behavioral research, which is primarily concerned with attributes of the social units (Wasserman, 1994).

Local Literature In the article entitled “Playing Games teaches us about life” by Dilimon, 2008 with the help of virtual games people can have a good chance to foresee any collide with at any time and any place. Games teach people how to prepare for unforeseen able events and how to react when they get into awkward situation. In this situation games criterion will come to pass nevertheless with a good aspect(Andes et al. 2009). Manual information system can result to different problems and short comings.

A manual information system is the basis of modern information system and still not absolute. It may still be used by small beginning companies mainly because they still do not have tons of paper but the time will come and the problems of manual InTormatlon system could Decome a very Olg llaDlllty. InTormatlon system Is an important factor in business operation because it is considered as the major corporate resource and must be manage using the same principle used to manage other assets (Hoffer, 2005).

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