Review of Related Studies

5 May 2017

Review of Related Studies BY dmx0206 2. Review of Related Studies This chapter contains the researched review done by the proponents about the related ideas regarding the proposed system. It includes the differences and similarities found among other Intranet ” Base Payroll System and Attendance Monitoring System. This chapter constitutes more on the study of the System Literature Side. It covers the related view and ideas presenting other payroll system made possible by other proponents and programmers. To review encompasses the critical aspect of all Payroll System study. . Foreign Studies Attach© Payroll Attach© Payroll (1999) Key Features. Available: http://www. attachesoftware. com/products/payroll/keyfeatures. asp (July 20, 2010) As a standalone system or as part of a complete accounting package, Attach© Payroll has the power and the flexibility to handle it all ” from the simplest payroll to the complex needs of larger businesses. Feature-packed yet easy to use, with Attach© Payroll your payroll processing will be faster and more accurate than you ever thought possible.

Attach© Payroll seamlessly integrates with other Attach© Software roducts to enable customized reporting, confidential emailing of pay advices and General Ledger integration (including multiple cost centers) Other features available is the allowing an unlimited number of income types to cater for various calculations and costing requirements (such as overtime, study leave and flexi time) and you can specify your own method of calculation. You can enter a yearly, monthly, 4-weekly, bi-monthly, fortnightly, weekly or hourly pay rate for each employee, independently of their pay frequency.

The calculated pay rate per hour can be printed on pay advices. Payment methods include bank (to one or more accounts), cheque, cash (with cash analysis) and cash plus bank. Attach© Payroll automatically calculates tax deductions for each pay, taking into account the length of the pay period. You can enter multiple periods to accurately calculate tax for annual leave paid in advance. For employees who receive the same pay each payday, Auto Pays automatically generate the pay. Time sheet entry can be by hours, start/stop time or shifts, in decimals or minutes.

You can enter pays as time sheets are received (such as daily) and then process them when the pay is due. Attach©’s top-seller status encourages partnerships with a number of specialist time and attendance, time billing and rostering systems. ADP payForceo ADP (1997) Products and Solutions /payforce. aspx Ouly 20, 2010) ADP PayForce is a payroll solution for large organizations that need hosted services with flexible access. With built-in best practices and secure technology that work in concert with feature-rich functionality, you can feel confident that you are in control of your organization’s vital information.

It is an Intranet-based payroll solution designed with ease-of-use and long-term business goals in mind. It enables your payroll professionals to be more productive while maintaining control. With ADP PayForce feature you receive a payroll “results preview,” available prior to submission Real-time access to all employee information. Paperless payroll systems including iReports and iPay solutions. Multi-level security configured to your standards. Both standard and ad-hoc reporting with effective dating and audit trails. Navayuga Infotech Navayuga Infotech. 2009)

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