Review on Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah

6 June 2017

It is thought that a illionaire’s child would be born with a silver spoon and all the riches money could buy but that was not quite the case for our Adeline. A girl who was very tender at age and at heart She was neglected by her father, scorned by her stepmother and frowned upon by her siblings. All In all, what she felt was not love from her family but only abhorrence. She had undergone far too many blows for someone her age A read that will engender sensitivity and sympathy even among the biggest,buffest and strongest person. Chinese Cinderella took off by giving the readers the maln reason for the despise her siblings felt for Adeline.

Her biological mother died of a fever two weeks after glvlng birth to Adeline but Adeline was mistook to be the reason of her mothers death. – ‘But then Mama died giving birth to you.

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If you had not been born, Mama would still be alive. she died because of you. You are bad luck. ‘ (Page 3) ‘It all stems trom mama dying when you were born. Things were much nicer when she was alive. You made her go away. (Page 74) – As portrayed by the heart-piercing words uttered by her siblings, they were discourteous people who had no regards tor Adeline’s teelings.

Encouragement trom her Aunt Baba and Ye Ve (Grandfather) was er only source ot strength. Untortunately, they were not always by her side as Ye Ye passed away and Aunt Baba moved. As pages were flipped, Adeline’s suffering just got more brutal and anguishing. A relatable instance to the above statement would be how her brothers cheated her into drinking their urine by tempting her to enjoy a glass of orange juice alongside their company, Another tormenting experience for Adeline was when her father forgot her name and date of birth when filling in her landing card in the Tianjin airport.

Adeline felt deeply hurt as her father confused her name with her stepsister’s. l was such a no-body that he didn’t remember my name. ‘ (Page 133) In a nutshell, Adeline’s childhood was a rather sad one. Nevertheless, she was a very intelligent girl who more often than not topped her class Besides all her achievements, all she ever longed for was recognition from her father _ ‘I was winning the medal every week and wearing it constantly.

I knew this displeased by siblings, especially Big sister and Second Brother, but it was the only way to make Father take notice and be proud of melPage 15) A character that was successfully portrayed as to rivet hatred towards her was Adeline’s stepmother, egarded as Niang In the compelling memoir Niang was a spiteful, mean in this house. ‘ (page 113) Calculative and manipulative, though outwardly charming and stylish. A matter of fact, Niang even terrorised Adeline by instilling the fear of selling Adeline off in the name of marriage Just as she did to Adeline’s elder sister. l imagined Niang introducing me to a strange man and ordering me to marry him. The thought filled me with horror and fear. ‘ (page 100) Niang heartlessly made Adeline feel like she was somewhat unwanted and of no use to anyone in the house. Niang as the dictator as Adeline’s father will never go against Niang and the last word always comes from Niang. ‘Does he truly hate me or is he Just going along with her because he loves her more and wants a peaceful life? (page 133) An important theme centered in this anecdote is family relationships. It is a norm for a family to have ups and downs.

Adeline was as much disliked as she was ignored and neglected by her family. Most of the errands that the rest of the family did not want to do ended up in Adeline’s hands. However much hardship Adeline encountered, she only blamed herself and never her family. ‘Everything is ugly. I loathe myself. ‘ (p. 21 5) Her unconditional love for her family is evidently visible to all. Adeline loved school as that was the only place where no one looked down upon her as her siblings did but she never once voiced out the excruciations she faced as she did not want to embarass her family. They didn’t know that, in front of them, I was desperate to keep up the pretence that I came from a normal, loving family. ‘ (page 63) How there is always a scenic rainbow after every violent storm, there was finally some light in Adeline’s dark life. All Adeline ever wanted was to get away from her stepmother, Niang. It was when she won first prize in an International Play-writing Competition, her father permitted her to pursue her studies abroad.

Adeline longed to study literature but her father objected and ordered her to go to medical school and specialize in obstetrics in England. Adeline Jumped at it as it was a now or never opputunity to leave all the sorrow behind and start a new beginning. ‘For once, he was proud of me. My whole vibrated with all the Joy in the world. ‘ (page 220) Chinese Cinderella was a book that sent a message to all. To the fortunate children, it was to e pleased with what has been given and to the neglected children, it was the importance of perseverance in life.

All of us have challenges to conquer and fears to be reciprocated into courage and resilience. Everyone of us can be a Cinderella and then as successful as Adeline if we hold her belief that “one single positive dream is more important than a thousand negative realities. ” This is a read I would recommend not only to my peers but to of all ages. Everyone, boy or girl, young or old, should be made to read this book as it is captivating, heartwarming and deeply touching. Overall, it is a read that is hard to put down.

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