Review on No Buses by the Arctic monkeys

7 July 2019

The Arctic Monkeys is a band that can be consider many genres. Their music can be classified as many different types of rock including Indie rock. When I listened to the song “No Buses” for the first time, I found it very interesting and I liked the way the beats sounded.

Aside from the sound, I looked at the lyrics to find a deeper meaning to the songs. In the song “No Buses” it shows a sense of longing. The artist wrote this song most likely trying to show a form of breakup. In the first verse, the song shows some alliteration of the sound “L” when saying “[…]loads of love[…]” to convey that you can receive so much love, but once you stop giving any, no one is willing to show it anymore. You could also say that the verse is saying that the people around you could give you constant love until you stop showing it yourself. There is another part in the 4th verse where it uses the sound “t” to show that there is a fresh wound to the heart created by “lady”.

Review on No Buses by the Arctic monkeys Essay Example

When listening to the lyrics, I found that the chorus is repeated twice (like most songs). The chorus is saying how “lady” thinks she is unique and can get away with the way she is acting, but in really she is just the same as the others. The song aso uses the line “Lady where’s your love gone?” in the first and fourth verse to show how the speaker misses the love he used to get from “Lady”. In the final verse the line “ realizing it won’t change a thing” is repeated twice to show a feeling of regret because he cannot get what he so wishes he could have.

The feeling of the song is never questioned when listening to it. By listening to the lyrics I could tell that the speaker had deep feelings for the girl, but she couldn’t feel the same towards him. In the lines “how he longs for you to long for him once more, just once more” shows how heart-broken the speaker is and how he misses “lady” dearly. In the last verse you can see how the speaker is saying that you can try to go after something that you can’t have all you want until you realize that you cannot have it. By then you just give up and you are stuck knowing that all your efforts were for nothing

After analysing the song over and over multiple times, I have grown to liked this band. Although after listening to some of the other song they have to offer, I found that I couldn’t get into them like I did with “No Buses”. I would recommend this band to friends because I know that they have good music, it just isn’t my taste.

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