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1 January 2018

The Reconstruction Amendments- The South will take care of the freed men IF they work. (slavery) 13th Amendment- frees all slaves 14th Amendment- if you are born, naturalized, or parents are born in the U. S, you are a citizen.

What does this accomplish? – list what makes a citizen Equal Protection Punishment of Confederates- If you at any point was in the army against the U. S, you cannot vote or be an elected official. Grandfather Clauses- Law that says is your grandfather was not able to read, write, vote, then they couldn’t vote. 1 5th Amendment Voting Rights- No one should be denied to vote by race, color, and revises conditions.Who Objects? – women aren’t able to vote Congressional Reconstruction- Congress tries to make themselves more powerful. The first Reconstruction Act of 1867- divides South into 5 parts under the military leadership with a general in charge. The Impeachment of Johnson- due to him trying to fire Edwin Stanton Edwin Stanton- Secretary of War.

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Denies order of Johnson of telling the military to not follow new laws. The Tenure Of Office Act- says the president Of the U. S cannot remove any high ranking officer unless the senate (congress) approves. Can be fired if omitted a crime against the U.S. Military Reconstruction- The election of 1868- Grant wins the election so they can keep going with reconstruction. Grant has won the war so he is a famous important figure.

U. S. Grant- General who wins the war, is elected president due to his title. The Grand Army of the Republic- brings the win because they know Grant. (largest group Of veterans) Scandals of the Grant Administration Black Friday Scandal- Grant’s brother in law tries to limit gold to only very few people. Keeping the money to themselves although they claim it is being used for something else (an investment)Whiskey Ring Scandal- Grants secretary is taking the taxes from the whiskey for his own profit rather than paying the government. Liberal Revolt- 1872/ Liberal Republicans want to end reconstruction and bring in their own officer for the government.

Wants soldiers back home. Panic of 1873- Money loses value, has no money to spend as well. Force Acts- an effort to put down the rebellion in the south. New Departure- the idea of a new South. “modern south” Redemption and Redeemers- Southerners who want to be redeemed as the old south. White Leagues- To take down reconstruction using violence. (ultra violence)Mississippi Plan- uses violence to cause voters to not go vote.

(The freed man) The election of 1876- Hayes and Titled. Titled looks like he going to win. Samuel Titled and Rutherford B Hayes- Samuel Titled is for the democrats and Hayes is for the republicans. Hayes win due to something happening to the votes, however, the democrats has congress. The end of Reconstruction- congress ends reconstructions and takes the military out of the South. Westward Expansion- area is rich in resources. Gold Rushes- The west has a better chance for better living.

(gives the opportunity for a better living. ) (California) ColoradoThe railroads- provides easy and safe transportation to those trying to travel. The Transcontinental Rail- built after the war, the Irish and Chinese come to help build these rails. The Railroad act of 1862, idea of transportation. North is only able to build these machines and rails. The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific- The Irish, Freedmen, Veterans, And Chinese are a part of building these railroads in order to make a living. Native Americans and the push west- pushing natives out to get more land The Peace Policy- The Sioux Rising of 1862- pushing them out to get more land: Minnesota, Where does this take place?Minnesota The Sand Creek Massacre- are promised food, shelter, clothes, etc but do not get it do to the war.

All natives are disarmed until an incident breaks out, a gun goes off and the Americans start to attack out of fear which kills the natives. What tribe is involved? – Cheyenne tribe Black Hills Gold Rush- gold is discovered in the Sioux territory. They are strong in war and they keep the Americans away. (North Dakota) Deadwood- territory used by the people to go around the law. Are not taxing or paying the government. Cool. George Custer- Cruel and Reckless.

Little Big Horn- River around the Natives.Custer wants these natives out of this territory so he and 325 men go down to get them out. The Natives were ready to fight and killed all 325 men plus Custer. Destruction of the Ecosystem- the killing of Buffalo so the Native Americans could not have any resources. The Cattle Industry- cattle is being used to bring in a good profit across the nation. Since it is now easier to get, more money is being made off of cattle. Refrigerated Cars- Cars on trains that carried meat across the nation in order to sell it fresh across the States to make more profit.

Economy of the South; cotton is still a big profit.Textile Mills- are being used to sell cloth. Sharecropping- poor farmers renting land in order to grow crops. They are in debt to the land Agribusiness- Land owners are taking money from the farmers by making them pay for their expenses. (ill give you this, but I want 5%) and so on.. Raw Materials- able to sell for a profit.

Trusts- buys business to run so the people can buy from him so he can maximize his profits (you can trust me) Horizontal monopoly : buys up all the small businesses so can be used for more profit and can only buy from that seller. Vertical: buys up everything because you can do it yourself.

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