Reviewing basics

6 June 2016

Chapter 11

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1. List four ways to start task manager?
Right click blank area in taskbar, and select task manager from shortcut menu
Click start, enter taskmgr.exe in search box, and press enter 2. If a program is not responding, how can you stop it?
Use task manger APPLICATIONS TAB and find program and click end process 3. If a necessary program is using too much system resources and bogging down other applications, what can you do to fix the problem?

Use the applications tab of Task Manager and right click the program and click go to process and then change the priority level 4. How can you view a list of users currently logged onto the computer?

5. What is the program filename and extension of System Configuration?
6. Which Windows 7 tool can be used to see a history of problems a computer has had since windows was installed?
Computer Management Compmgmt.msc EVENT VIEWER
7. What tool in Windows Vista, used to temporarily disable a startup program, is not available in Windows 7 or Windows XP?

8. If a nonessential service is slowing down startup, how can you permanently disable it?

9. What should be the startup type of service that should not load at startup, but might be used later after startup? What tool can you use to set a service’s startup type?
Automatic (Delayed Start)
Services Console services.msc
10. List three snap-ins that can be found in the Computer Management console that are used to manage hardware and track problems with hardware.
Event Viewer eventvwr.msc
Device Mangagerdevmgmt.msc
Disk Managementdiskmgmt.msc
11. What is the file extension of a console that is managed by Microsoft Management Console?
12. Name the program filename and file extensions for the Microsoft Management Console.
13. Which log in Event Viewer would you use to find out about attempted logins to a computer?
Security Log
14. Which log in Event Viewer would you use if you suspect a problem with a hard drive?
System Log
15. Which three Windows 7 tools are contained in the Vista Reliability and Performance Monitor?
Resource Monitor resmon.exe
Performance Monitor
Reliability Monitor
16. What is the path to the Ntuser.dat file in Windows 7?
17. How is the Ntuser.dat file used?
It is used to hold the preferences and settings of the currently logged in user 18. Which registry key contains information that Device Manager uses to display information about hardware?

19. Which Windows 7/Vista tool can give you a quick report of the overall performance of the system expressed as a single number?

20. To improve Windows performance, you decide to disable the indexer used for Windows search. Will Windows search still work?
Yes it will.
21. What three indicators in Task Manager can be used to find which program has a memory leak?

22. What key do you press at startup to the system in Safe Mode?

23. If performance improves when Windows is loaded in Safe Mode, what can you conclude?

24. If performance does not improve when Windows is loaded in Safe Mode, what can you conclude?

25. When using MSconfig to stop startup services including Microsoft services, which service should you not stop so that restore points will not be lost?

26. IN what folder does Task Scheduler keep scheduled tasks?

27. What are the two folders where, by default, Windows stores installed software?

28. What must you do first before you can delete the program folder containing software that is running in the background?

29. What is the purpose of the WOW6432Node subkey in the Windows registry?

30. What is the name of the window used to uninstall software in Windows 7/Vista?

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