Lings Cars – Website Purpose of the DOOM The purpose of Lings Cars website is to advertise and rent out rental cars for their I-J based company. The intention of this website is to expand Lings Cars business through technology, and hopefully increase their revenue by providing more rental cars to people. Information on the cars is presented across multiple web-pages on the website, which is owned by Lings Cars. Ling Valentine (CEO of Lings Cars) “handcrafted” the website, so I’ll be referring to her as the creator of the website.

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Target Audience Lings Cars is targeting potential future customers considering hiring a car or van. It’s also targeting long-term contractors that might be interested in the business. Since Lings Cars’ company is based in the United Kingdom, they only provide this rental car service in their country (England). All the targeted customers will have to be somewhere in England or be holiday makers planning to stay there. Ling is also targeting previous customers who are willing to hire from her company again.

Advanced Tools and Techniques Technique 1 & 2 (CSS and DIVA) Lings Cars website has been made using XHTML, one main External Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and two partially modified CSS. The main CSS was used for interoperability with modern browsers only, and the other two were modified especially for Internet Explorer 6. 0 and Internet Explorer 7. 0 because they are older versions and require slightly different instructions to run on. Cascading Style Sheets can be made using a plain Text Editor, such as Note Pad or Note Pad ++.

The file extension for the Cascading Style Sheet would not be “. Txt” however; it would be “. CSS,” as used by Ling. She named her CSS, “main. CSS. ” Cascading Style Sheets are made for websites to incorporate a design or layout scheme which can be mutinously spread across every weapon of the website. It’s created by placing this tag <link here=”/main. CSS” reel=”style sheet” type=”text/CSS” /> in the header section of the HTML pages, so that it links all the CSS code towork in the HTML pages when it’s loaded.

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The advantages of CSS are that, it’s easier to check the accuracy and consistency of the background colors, widths and heights of menus, font colors etc… Because you don’t need to go through every HTML tag on every single page looking forthe same specifications. Instead, they can be found in the CSS and you only have one code for ACH tag, e. G. Body {background-color: #OFF ;}. This could be used in one style sheet to style a lot of other websites. So it saves a lot of construction time for the website and is a more efficient way to make one.

I could tell that Ling has used CSS because each page has the same theme throughout the website on every page. More importantly, I viewed the source of the code for her page, which clarified the fact that she was using CSS to style her web page. She has used the CSS technique to different diva tags (<diva class=”header”> <diva class=”footer”>) she could rate a header, footer, navigation etc. And style it all with CSS. The diva tags hold a specific visual style in place so that sections of the page can be designed separately without hassle. It is possible to align, color, change font, set size etc. N different <diva>g’s using CSS. This contributes to the creation of the layout of the website. Without the use of diva to design elements of the weapon, there would be no stability or specified areas of the weapon that play a specific role. It would all be Jumble, unless you use a table and set all the information out in that. But more so, Ling rated her CSS to design most elements so it’s not restricted to Just designing <diva>g’s. Without the use of CSS for Lings Cars HTML website, the quality of the page would be rather sloppier than it is now.

HTML Validation would be daunting and take a long time by hand, and the page would load much slower because all the designing code would be coming directly from the page, not from an external resource. The time problem would possibly affect the business because customers do not like waiting long periods of time for a weapon to load. However, there is a thing called Internal Cascading Style Sheets. This differs from external ones, because you can incorporate the code in the header of the HTML page, without having to link it to a separate file outside of the weapon code.

It would work Just like an External CSS, but it would not be as efficient because it will still take a long time for the page to load since the coding is all on one page. By using the advanced technique of External CSS, Lining’s weapon quality turned out better than if she had used the techniques HTML styling and Internal CSS. Technique 3 (Floating Frame) Another one of Lings advanced tools is the Floating Frame, which is used throughout al of her websites to display the availability of her employees. It displays their first name, rating (e. G. 5 stars), Job position and whether or not they are online.

There’s also an option for visitors of the page to hold a conversation with a worker if they are online at the current point in time. The Floating Frame is used for customers to see the same information all the time, it’s an easy option to use if one wants to inquire with employees about a car or contract or anything relevant to the business. It’s invented to float up and down the page as we scroll, making it stay in the same place. In this case, Ling has constructed the Floating Frame in the body part of her HTML Document using at least these tags, “<diva class=”floater”> in HTML and {position: fixed;} in CSS . She also used a set of complex codes to develop it. So on Lings Cars, the Floating Menu will always be displayed in a fixed position and show its contents to visitors on each page all the time. The actual menu part of it consists off table or <table> which keeps the employee information all in one place. But no matter what, it will always be on the right hand side in the same place on the weapon as long as you are on Lings website. To have a Floating Frame on her weapon can be beneficial because you can rely on it to be displayed on every page.

It eliminates the hassle of customers having to search for it on every page, or look for a way to interact would take more time to contact the employees and would probably be frustrated. One disadvantage however, would be that when my screen is half displayed, the floating menu actually overlaps other pieces of information on the website. For example, whenever I scrolled down the page, the menu would move on top of the car deals etc… So I had to scroll down in order to see the information it previously overfed. This problem did not occur when the page was fully displayed across the screen.

Here are a few screen shots to demonstrate this; Here’s an example of the overlapping Floating Frame when the page is limited to covering half the screen. Taken on the 28/02/2013 Here’s an example of the overlapping Floating Frame when the page is fully covering the screen. Taken on the 28/02/2013 Asset and File Management Due to Lings rebellious attitude towards the typical web design protocols, it’s hard to surmise what techniques she may have used to manage her files as her weapon is very unruly and confusing. But one way that she could have stored her files was in a cloud networking system. Data Integrity and Testing Procedures Testing Procedures – Ling could have invested in a HTML validated to check the accuracy of the code on her websites. Html validation give feedback on whether or not the code is accurate and will function properly. By uploading the file, copy pasting the code or inserting the URL, the HTML validated will assess the weapon. If there are incorrect tags or tag structuring in the page, it will give feedback on which line was incorrect and what the problem is. If the weapon has a few faults, it will kook like this.

If the code is successfully checked, it will look like this. There are also warnings, but those are only potential mistakes. They are not errors. Ling could have also used a spell check/ grammar checker in Microsoft Word to check the accuracy of her sentences and spelling, before transferring her information into the code format. But it’s evident that she didn’t, as there are a lot of spelling mistakes throughout her weapon. Design Principles/Elements With an overpowering amount of colors, fonts and flashing buttons, Ling has destroyed almost all the guidelines governing website designing.

There is no constant professional theme flowing through her website pages. There was a misuse of fonts, as there are at least 10 different fonts on one page at a time. It occurred to me that there were sans serif and serif typefaces. The legibility of serif fonts is not as good as sans serif, because they have small flicks at the end of each letter, which isn’t ideal because computer screens can sometimes display the letters improperly, and information varies depending on what type of font Ling has used. There also seems to be a lot of text that has been “painted” with software called, “Paint.

At least the font alignment was all aligned to the left which was partially effective. The balance of the page was all over the place because a lot of the pictures and text were not in line in each of her three columns. There was no hierarchy with the headings and titles, Ling scattered different sized fonts in random places. In some instances the black fonts were contrasted with a white background, but in many other instances, the fonts Just flash brightly in my face as some of them are flash images displaying text information. These font design techniques were obviously not effective.

The amount f flashing text and bright colors used in the web site, resemble that of a three year olds drawing. It was a horrible experience looking at Lings Website, because her text and images were too distracting as they were unrecognized, resulting in an ineffective website. Ling has an impeccable amount of images all crammed on her main page. Even though she is a car dealer she has irrelevant photos of very eccentric things. It looks like she’s used a lot of . Pang (Portable Network Graphics) which are useful because the pictures can be compressed up to about 25% more than a .

Jpg file and this would be an efficient use of file space and storage. Ling also seems to have used a lot of . GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) pictures because . GIF files are able to process simple images into animation. There are a lot of changing pictures on her weapon that are simple and don’t have many colors so I assume they are . GIF. Her images of cars are an advantage because customers will be able to identify what type of car they want. All her cars are in close proximity with the car information, which enhances a customer’s motivation to further investigate the cars details.

Her images seem high resolution, so they must be reasonably sized or else they’d be peculated. Holistically, the standards and conventions of Lings Website are very low and resemble that of a five year olds drawing. Every time I clicked on this page in the library, the librarians became suspicious and assumed I was playing a game or scouring the spam infested websites of the internet. This was because of the flashing images, bright colors and horrible design layout. The purple buttons here flash which indicates they could be flash animation or simply . If files. Taken on the 22/03/2013 Legal, Ethical and Moral Considerations Here is a screens on the Home Page of Lings website; a quote which could be offensive. Taken 25/03/2013 from HTTPS://www. Lingerers. Com When creating a DOOM, the business Lings Cars, should take into consideration the potential effects of the DOOM on other people in the community. These are called Social Implications. Since Lings Cars website incorporates a lot of Lining’s personality and “humor” in it, I think there would be a few negative Social Implications.

One thing I realize with this website is that there are a lot of Lings quotes with connotations to show a “Stereotypical Chinese”. She showed this through deliberately writing “wrong” sentence phrases (for example, “Play Stupid Crash Game,” “l am full- mime Lings CARS business owner,”) to sound Illiterate. Although she is perfectly capable of stringing together a “Privacy Statement” and “Terms and Conditions” so I can see it’s supposed to be a Joke. Chinese people might not appreciate these Jokes and be offended by it, meaning she hasn’t been thinking of the wider community.

Another quote on Lings page states that “Other Privacy Policies mean absolutely nothing and are full of sit! ” Business owners other than her would be offended by this claim because it’s implying that any other Privacy Policy is simply sit. This indicates that she doesn’t really care about the “wider community’s” feelings, so this is another negative Social Implication. Unsurprisingly, there were more deliberate insults from Ling, towards others. One of her insults included “Herman Von Romper” – the President of the European Council. Whilst scouring over every line of HTML, I found a part stating, “E cookie law.

Pips off Von Rummy. Me… I hammer visitors to death with cookies, so I can find out what they want. The EX. cookie law is an ass. ” In conclusion of Lings Social Implications, I don’t think any of Lings priorities were to pep all groups of people in the community, happy. Political or not, with these few examples of her shrewd nature displayed on her website, it’s evident that Ling hasn’t thought about the impact of her work on the wider community groups. Here’s a screens of Lings Statement about Privacy Policies at the bottom of the page of her Privacy Policy. Taken 28/02/2013 from HTTPS://www. Magicians. Com/ privacy. PH Since Lings website is advertising and offering great cheap deals, the customers would have to rely on her website to be promoting legitimate information about the car rental prices and business as a whole. Ling displays her Company Registration Number which confirms that her company is legit. We also come across images of newspaper clippings that recognize Lings Cars as an award winning company. Also, her website identity has been confirmed and certified by Ego Trust, which meaner that it carries secure, trustworthy information online to and from customers.

This reassures that the Privacy of customers shopping on that website is kept safe, so credit card numbers and personal details aren’t passed on to third parties (such as other websites). It would be unethical for Lings Cars to pass on customer information Fair Trading Act which states that it’s illegal to make false claims about a service. There is evidence on this website that proves Lings Business is a real company, and that it’s trustworthy. With the amount of prestige and popularity this company carries, it’d be hard to believe they’d scam/overcharge people or disobey the regulations surrounding the Fair Trading Act.

Logos, text, images and design were all developed by the business. It occurred to me that Lings Cars had taken precautions to protect their personal works by placing a Copyright Symbol in the footer of all the websites pages with the Company name following. Under the 1994 Copyright Act, a piece of work is copyrighted from the moment it’s created. The piece of work remains under Copyright for fifty years AFTER the developer dies, which meaner every piece of information displayed on that website is subject to Copyright as it is owned by that business only.

With this, other people are prevented from being able to steal the work and claim it as their own. It is possible for outside parties to access and use the images/information if the Copyright Holder grants them permission. This requires them to contact the Copyright Holder and request for a License to partially own the ice of work and use it as their own. If it’s near impossible to contact the original owner then it’s best not to use the piece of work, but if it’s absolutely necessary then there should always be a reference to the source of information and where it came from.

Having said that, it is illegal to claim work as our own when it’s not our own, and is protected by Copyright. By not obeying Copyright Laws there is a possibility of imprisonment and fines. Bibliography; Zappy Education Resources – Web Design HTML & CSS, Instant Education Solutions – Technology, Digital Technology 2. 42 Chapter 1 & 2, http://en. Kipped. Org/wick/Copyright_law_of_New_Zealand, http://www. Washcloths. Com/HTML/HTML_intro. Asp and http://www. Aquatic. Com/CSS/ codes/CSS_floating_menu. CFML Hells Pizzas – Brochure Hells Pizza is using a brochure to promote their new low price offers on their meals.

By doing this they are striving to increase the potential customer range that might demand a meal at their restaurant. Information on the pizzas is available across a trig folded brochure on both the inside and outside of the outcome. Also, their brochure was designed by a professional third-party company called Inject Design, so I’ll be offering to them as the creator of parts of this digital media outcome, and Hells Pizza as the source of image/information provider. Since Hells Pizza Franchises are located in highly populated places (e. G. Owns and cities) the target audience will have to be located in the same towns and cities. Hells Pizzas target audience are probably mainly the Anti – Christ, as evidenced in the business name, “Hell’s Pizzas” and the meal names such as, “Damned… Underworld… Purgatory. ” Advanced Tools and Techniques Technique 1 (Bleed) Bleed is a technique of design and layout, so I’ll be referring to Inject as the he background element extends beyond the trim edge leaving the page without a margin. By doing this they are extending the amount of space used on the page, and leave no original paper color on their document.

This is called Bleeding and allows photos and other text elements to bleed off the page and outside of the margin that’s usually specified as a default setting. I identified this technique by noticing the margin boundaries had been broken and content was able to flow off the edges. Inject could have created the bleed in Adobe Undersign by choosing File>Document Setup>More Options>Bleed and Slug. It is then possible to type in a sufficient amount of bleed, and this ensures that objects can now bleed off the page, these are called Bleed Guidelines. These aren’t necessary.

Bleed Guidelines aren’t required to make objects bleed. It’s probably easier for Inject to extend objects onto the pasteboard. It’s hassle free and takes less time. But for precise measurements guidelines are recommended. Since this technique is very common, it’s possible to do with a lot of other software’s but for different purposes like Photos and Illustrator. An advantage of bleeding the background color is that strips of white paper wont e showing down the edge of the document, because the background has been extended beyond the sides and will reduce the risk of this white paper incident happening.

But economically, bleeding objects off the page mightn’t be a good idea; it uses up more ink than without bleed, so production costs for the brochure would increase. However without the use of bleeding, the quality of the brochure could affect the customer’s attitude towards purchasing Hells Pizzas meals. In conclusion bleed is a useful reasonable technique to use and enhance the design more so than create proficient productivity costs. Had bleed not been used, effectiveness of the theme and layout would have been ruined and it wouldn’t be as high quality as it currently is.

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