Revival Album by Selena Gomez

8 August 2019

As much as I love Selena, is her new album worth the hype in the pop culture? Selena is a pop singer that started as Alex on the original hit TV series “Wizards Of Waverly Place”. Selena continued the series for several years with ending it in 2012. After the series Gomez still continues on with her career with her first album “Kiss and Tell” released in 2009 and “Stars Dance” in 2013.Flashing to 2015 Selena is still strong with her songs continuing from the single hit “The Heart Wants What It Want” Gomez is going forward in her career with her new album “Revival”. Starting off the new album a couple of her songs are immediately on the top charts, “Same Old Love” and “Hands To Myself” people already is loving her album. With everyone raving about how “Same Old Love” is all about Bieber, she says the it’s all about representing different kinds of love. That definitely shocked me. “Me & the Rhythm” is a completely different type of theme. Nothing explains more about yourself getting lost on the dance floor and being free and living in the moment.“Kill ‘Em With Kindness” is the triple threat’s measured missive to haters. LAst song I’m going to talk about is “Camouflage” it addresses the end of a relationship, and even though she has ‘so much stuff ‘ to say, she doesn’t know how since the person that she was with is no longer recognizable.” So yes her new album is worth that hype. I really recommend it for people like her in regular. I really love the album, it has such a great variety of songs talking about different things and it’s not all about the dirty stuff.

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