Reviving The American Dream ( Alice Rivlin )

Critical review of work calling for restructuring of national & state govt. & economy to better meet needs of the people.

Alice M. Rivlin, in her book Reviving the American Dream: The Economy, the States, and the Federal Government, presents the theme that the economic and political systems of the United States do not serve well the needs of the people, and that what is needed is a thorough redesigning of the federal system, the relationship between the national and state governments, and the economic policy of the country.

The purpose of this redesigning and restructuring is in part to make simpler and clearer what political and economic responsibilities belong to the states and to the federal government. Clearly, the basis of Rivlin’s argument is that the political and economic destinies of the nation (at both federal and state levels) are inextricably bound together.
This theme is also based on the promise of the American.

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